What’s The Difference Between Sewer Cleaning And Drain Cleaning Service? | Myrtle Beach, SC

What’s The Difference Between Sewer Cleaning And Drain Cleaning Service? | Myrtle Beach, SC

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It’s essential to keep your drains and sewer pipes clean and in good working order if you’re going to be able to maintain your plumbing system. If your drains or pipes get clogged, this can result in sewer backup, which is likely to be a nasty experience. It’s therefore essential to invest in a drain cleaning service so that your plumbing keeps working as it’s supposed to.

If you’re a homeowner who is wondering what the difference between a drain cleaning service and sewer cleaning is, read on. This article will give you details of both types of maintenance.

If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC, and are looking for a cleaning service or need any type of plumbing job done, you may like to contact Benjamin Franklin. They have a team of highly skilled plumbers who are available for drain and sewage maintenance.

What is a drain cleaning service?

Your drain’s job is to get rid of wastewater from your home. Your property has a plumbing system that contains pipes and drains that connect the kitchen sink, bathtub, bathroom sink, toilet, and showers with the sewer line. Sinks have a p-trap through which the wastewater will travel first.

Drain clogging and blockages is a widespread problem that plumbers see daily. Drains in the kitchen sink can become clogged with food or with oil and grease. In the bathroom, the main culprit is hair and soap residue. Often, non-flushable items such as wipes and sanitary products are put down the toilet, which can cause several problems.

It’s important to remember that whatever you put down the sink or toilet will have to travel through many pipes before getting to the sewer line. If there’s a build-up of items and debris that shouldn’t be in the pipes, you’ll need to book a drain cleaning service to remove the clog and allow your pipes and drains to work effectively.

If you notice that your drains are draining slowly or if you can see clogs or smell any foul odors, this is a sign that you require a drain cleaning service.

What is sewer cleaning?

Your home has a sewer line that brings the wastewater from all the drains in your home and sends it to the sewer. Your wastewater then runs through the sewer to the water treatment plant where it’s treated. Most homes in the city have sewer lines that take waste to the water treatment plant, whereas rural homes are more likely to have their own septic tanks.

Sewer lines have large pipes that are wider than regular drain pipes. Sometimes they can, like your drain’s pipes accumulate build-up due to the item you are putting down the sink or toilet. Problems are often caused in the sewer lines due to a build-up of grease and oil. It’s essential to dispose of your cooking fat and oil by putting into a jar and then throwing it into the trash rather than letting it go down the sink. If you put oil down the drain, it will gradually coat the sides of the pipes, which will narrow them and eventually create a blockage.

Sometimes the damage is caused to the sewer lines by the roots of trees in your garden. The root can grow right through the sewage pipes, causing them to crack, which causes drainage issues. This could cause sewage to seep out into your garden.

Drain Cleaning Service and Sewer Cleaning

If your drains start to run slowly, try pouring some boiling water down your plughole as this helps to clear and blockages. You may also be able to remove hair and other grime from your plugs. Don’t use a drain cleaning solution as this can corrode the inside of your pipes.

If these simple steps aren’t effective, you should call a plumber and book a drain cleaning service. The plumber has specialized equipment that they can use to clean the drains and pipes and restore them to an almost new state.

If your drains need cleaning, water will likely run out of the sinks very slowly; this shows that there’s a blockage somewhere in the pipes. You may also hear gurgling noises when you turn on the faucet, and you’ll see bubbles in your sink in some cases. This shows that there is trapped air in the pipes. You may also notice a foul smell from your drains, which is likely to smell like rotting eggs.

If there are problems with your sewer line, there will likely be a smell outside in your garden. You may notice that your grass has become waterlogged, or there might be bright green grass growing around your sewer drains. These signs all indicate that there is a problem with your sewer line, and this could be due to a burst pipe.

It’s essential to call a plumber as soon as possible before you end up back up in your basement. A plumber can also do a sewer line rooter service, which will ensure that wastewater can flow out of your home correctly.

Benjamin Franklin, Drain Cleaning Service

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