Below are a few plumbing questions which we are asked on a frequent basis:

How hot should my hot water be at home?
The new standard temperature that manufacturers use when pre-setting your hot water heater at the factory is about 120 degrees F. But you can adjust the temperature to meet your needs. Check with your Benjamin Franklin plumber for the recommended temperature that’s best for you.

What does it mean when I hear a rumbling sound coming from the water heater?
Rumbling sounds can be an indication that sediment has built up on the bottom of the water heater. Water can become trapped in this sediment and begin to boil. This means the water heater is not operating efficiently and the sediment isn’t allowing the heat to transfer to the water in the tank. Contact your Benjamin Franklin plumber for replacement and repair options and solutions.

The plumbing in my house is making groaning and honking noises? What’s going on?
This could mean that you have lost your “air cushion.” To get it back, turn the water supply off at the main valve. Turn on all the faucets around your home. Then turn on the main valve again and shut off each faucet. This should take care of the problem, but if it does not, give us a call.

How do I get rid of the foul odor coming from my garbage disposal?
Foul odors occur from a buildup of food debris within the disposal. To eliminate odors, place ice cubes and lemon peels or orange peels in the disposal and run for 30 seconds. Then squirt a little liquid dish detergent into the disposer while it is still running. Lastly, run cold water for about 30 seconds to rinse all the debris away.

What is the recommendation for replacing a toilet in my home?
We recommend that you choose a toilet made by one of the major manufacturers. If cracks or fissures are present in the tank or bowl, it’s time to get it replaced. Also, poor mounting and deteriorating rings and seals can affect proper operation. Many of the new toilets conform to new government standards that require they use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, so if you are replacing an older model, you’ll need to adjust to this.


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