Our mission, in its simplest terms, is to not only please you, or be the best plumbing company in Myrtle Beach, but to exceed your expectations of what plumbing service should be. But let’s go into more detail on our mission. Because it has more muscle behind it than that.

*We know time is precious – especially yours when you’re in the midst of a plumbing crisis. We respect that, which is why will pay you $5 for each minute we’re late as part of our “If There’s Any Delay, It’s You We Pay” policy (up to $300). No questions asked.

*We keep our promises. That’s how we establish trust with our clients. It’s that integrity that is the common ground in all of our dealings with customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.

*We have the utmost respect for federal, state, municipal and county governing laws, regulations and ordinances set by the plumbing industry. Rest assured, we also adhere to the financial and accounting procedures made for a privately held business.

*Our service is incomparable – in quality of service and repair of plumbing systems; in customer service, which is why we’re known for repeat business and long-term relationships with our clients; and in our professional respect amidst customers, fellow staff and others in the industry.

*And, finally, safety comes first. We maintain a clean, safe, respectable and reputable place of business that reflects the high standards of the Ben Franklin brand.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here for you whenever you need us, 24/7. Call us now at 843.213.6611. No call is too small.


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