Drain backups can be, well, draining – as for the inconvenience of the situation, as well as the costs involved. But at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we’re here to find an affordable, efficient drainage solution for you as quickly as possible. Save $50 today by using one of our coupons here »

There are more intricate components in your plumbing system than any other part of your home. That’s why you can trust us to get to the bottom of a complex drainage problem before it becomes a dangerous disaster. Dirt and sludge can build up in pipes creating a grotesque and impassable barrier that suffocates your plumbing and keeps waste from leaving your home. And, your beautiful landscaping can interfere with your drainage.


Some of the most common problems that can arise from your drain and drainage system include; roots from trees and shrubs, foreign objects, drain pipe wall collapse and misalignment of piping sections. Regular maintenance on your drains will prevent problems in the future.
In fact, we offer BioBen® to assist in the preventative maintenance of your drains. By pouring these microorganisms directly into your plumbing, within seconds, these teeny tiny sludge-hungry organisms begin to eat away at waste and other gunk on the lining of your pipes and treatment systems. This technology-based maintenance system is easy to use, safe, and inexpensive. Applied according to directions, the BioBen product immediately starts feasting on the nasty fats, oils, grease and sludge in your pipes and drains. You’ll see the results in minutes.

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