We know it’s hard to operate a household with broken garbage disposals. Not only is your dishwashing disrupted, but it affects trash collection and disposal, and the overall cleanliness of your kitchen. Save $25 today by using one of our coupons here »

About 47% of homeowners in the United States have come to rely on these convenient, electrically-powered machines installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap to shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through your home’s plumbing system. Because this involves a mechanical piece of equipment and is ultimately tied to your sanitary sewer or septic tank system, plumbing problems may occur.

And when they do, it’s usually because of those scraps of food that make up a hefty 20% of the average household waste. In fact, there’s been an increasingly problematic issue associated with the disposal of leftover food, as it relates to, municipal waste disposal, public health concerns, sanitation and environmental problems. If you treat food waste as a liquid (since it’s roughly 70% water), then modern wastewater plants can more effectively process the organic solids, which is an environmental boost. This also minimizes the amount of waste that will eventually end up in the landfill, decomposing and generating methane gas.

Because of all these stats, odds are you will experience a garbage disposal that doesn’t work. That’s why our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are experts in the repair, installation and maintenance of garbage disposals. We’ll be happy to get you back to running your daily household norm once again in no time, which will make the entire family happy.

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