Your main water pipes and sewer lines are your lifeline. When they’re working properly at home, you have peace of mind. And when they don’t, call us here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Save money today by using one of our coupons here »

Sewer lines transport waste products from the home; water lines deliver all your water to your home. Both lines make up your plumbing system, which, of course, is full of fixtures, fittings and appliances. This complex infrastructure can get congested, which can cause potential problems – some serious – such as sewer backups, clogged lines, damaged pipes, as well as issues with leaks, high-water pressure and low-water pressure. The common denominator is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. No matter the plumbing problem, we can provide effective solutions for all emergencies and headaches.

Your water pipes: Made from a variety of materials, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride), iron, polyethylene or copper, water pipes deliver potable water from the street or well to all areas of your home for use in the kitchen, bath, laundry and outside irrigation. These pipes often times are buried in the slabs of homes, in the walls, and interconnected with joints, valves and fittings that can lead to leaks. Water lines are also pressurized and more susceptible to leaks. In some cases, it is difficult to detect leaks without a closer inspection. Leaks can lead to low water pressure, water damage, increased bills and a waste of natural resources.

Your sewer pipes: Most sewer pipes are generally made of plastic materials, like PvC and polyethylene, and provide an exit from your home to a sanitary sewer or septic tank system. The pipes’ joints and fittings can become damaged and leak, which, as you know, can lead to unsightly odors and major messes.

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