Plumber Tips: A Look At Garbage Disposal Systems | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumber Tips: A Look At Garbage Disposal Systems | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Many homes across America have garbage disposal systems which are used to dispose of food scraps. In some cases, these are incorrectly used and become blocked. One of the most common questions that plumbers are asked is what can I put in my garbage disposal?

Although the name suggests otherwise, it’s important not to put garbage in your garbage disposal system. It shouldn’t be used to get rid of food wrappings and general trash. This article will look at precisely what you can put in your garbage disposal system.

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What can I put in my garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal systems are fantastic as they allow you to put food scraps down the drain and grind them up. This means you can quickly and easily get rid of food that would otherwise sit in your trash can and smell bad.

However, garbage disposal systems are not indestructible. Your garbage disposal can break or become less effective if you don’t use it correctly.

Things you can put in a garbage disposal

The first thing that you should know about garbage disposal systems is that you shouldn’t put actual garbage in them as this could cause blockages. Garbage disposal systems are designed to deal with kitchen waste, such as food scraps. Your garbage disposal system will be able to cope with ice cubes, liquid soaps, soft foods, and non-greasy liquids. These should all be washed down with some cold water, which will help the garbage disposal to process the waste.

There are many food items that homeowners aren’t sure whether or not to put into their garbage disposal. These include citrus rinds and cooked meat. It is safe to put citrus peel into the garbage disposal. The skins of lemons and limes will help to clean your garbage disposal naturally and will make it smell fresh.

Leftover pieces of cooked meat can be put through the garbage disposal as long as they aren’t too big or chunky. Your garbage disposal will also be able to deal with fruit scraps and most vegetables.

Things to Avoid

Don’t put items like food wrappers, tissues, or bills through your garbage disposal. The rubbish will get caught in the garbage disposal systems blades, which will create a build-up and cause you problems. You should avoid putting fibrous foods, grease, and oils into the system.

The garbage disposal can process most food scraps, but there are a few exceptions, such as eggshells and coffee. Some foods may be harmful to your disposal system. In some cases, you’ll be able to get away with putting these foods into your garbage disposal system, but it’s not recommended as it may lead to corrosion or blockages in the long run. Here are some foods that you should put in the trash rather than the garbage disposal.


Some people would say that there’s no reason you can’t put eggshells into your garbage disposal. Many garbage disposal systems are capable of crushing them into small enough pieces. Some people even go as far as saying that the eggshells’ sharp edges will help to sharpen and clean the garbage disposal blades.

However, plumbers usually disagree with this. Although the eggshells aren’t too sharp for the garbage disposal, they have a tough membrane lining that can create problems. This lining will stick to the edges of the garbage disposal and will eventually cause blockages.


There is also some confusion about whether coffee grounds should be put in your garbage disposal. In small amounts, coffee grounds are unlikely to harm your garbage disposal. They may also make your drain smell nice.

Although coffee grounds seem harmless enough and may go down without any issues, they can actually cause lots of damage. Coffee grounds quickly start to pile up at the bottom of your drain. This creates a thick, sludgy mess. As the sludge continues to accumulate in your pipes and drains, it can be hard to get rid of and will eventually cause blockages.

Plumbers often see blockages and other drain problems caused by people putting coffee grounds into their garbage disposal. It’s best to put your coffee grounds into the trash or use it as compost.


It’s also debatable as to whether or not bones can be put down a garbage disposal. Some people say that small bones won’t cause any problems. Others are worried that even small bones could cause damage to the appliance.

It’s not a good idea to put large bones into a garbage disposal system. Bones can’t be cut up by the blades and will keep spinning around and around, rather than being crushed. If a bone does make it through the blades of the disposal, it will block the drain pipes and clog your entire system.

The general opinion of plumbers is that bones are too hard and tough and should never be put into your garbage disposal as they won’t be able to be ground up effectively.

Problems with Your Garbage Disposal

If you have any problems with your garbage disposal, such as blockages or backups, you’ll need to phone a plumber. A professional will be able to determine the cause of the problem and unblock the appliance if necessary. They will also be able to clean your pipes and drains to ensure that everything is working efficiently.

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