Different Types Of Blockages That Will Require A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Provider | Myrtle Beach, SC

Different Types Of Blockages That Will Require A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Provider | Myrtle Beach, SC

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There are many different types of blockages that can cause your draining system to not work as efficiently as it should. It can be helpful to know what might be causing these blockages in order to prevent it from recurring too often. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Myrtle Beach, SC knows that determining the cause and position of the blockage can be challenging. The correct method should also be used to remove the clog and not damage the pipes, It is also best to hire a professional for drain cleaning services to remove these types of blockages.

Tree roots

A house that shares its premise with mature trees can be susceptible to blockages caused by tree roots. Tree roots infiltrate the underground pipes through cracks and leaks. Once the tree roots have increased in size, it will obscure the water flow and damage the pipes. It can be quite challenging to remove a tree root blockage as it can occur deep within your underground plumbing, Tree roots are stubborn and a stream of high-pressure water is needed to remove them. In other instances rooter or trenchless repairs. In more severe cases excavation might be needed. Most reputable plumbers will be able to provide drain cleaning services that can assist in tree root removal as well as any other plumbing services that might be needed to repair the damaged pipes. In order for you to prevent excessive damages, it is important to look at the root structure of the trees. Your plumbing system should be inspected at least once every two years to make sure there are no leaks or cracks.

Excessive toilet paper

Toilet paper was designed to be able to dissolve in water however when too much toilet paper ends up in the drainage pipe it can struggle to dissolve. This will cause a clog in the pipe. The blockage might be shifted by a plunger but the most effective way to have it removed is by calling a drain cleaning service provider. They have the correct equipment like water or air compress to use pressured air or water to remove the blockage. If toilet paper blockages occur regularly then the plumbers will be able to inspect the pipes and make sure they are installed correctly and the right size. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Myrtle Beach, SC provides drain cleaning services as well as diversified plumbing solutions that will help you in case that blockage was caused by a larger problem.

Small objects

Your draining system is only made for water toilet paper and human waste. Nothing else should go down your toilet or sink. If an object like a toy or jewelry makes its way down your draining system it can get lodged in the pipe and stop water and waste from flowing through. These can be very difficult to remove because it can get lodged at any point in your drainage system. These objects can also be very stubborn to dislodge and might get stuck again as it travels down the pipe. It is better to call a drain cleaning service provider instead of spending hours trying to dislodge an object with a plunger.

Mineral buildup

The minerals in hard water can settle on the inside of the pipes. These minerals can build up and will cause a blockage in the drain pipe. The minerals are difficult to remove because they are harder and few products can dissolve them. The mineral blockage can be removed by a high pressure stream of water. It is better to hire a professional drain cleaning service provider in order to remove all the build-up and not damage the pipes. You can install a water softener to slow the build-up of minerals over time.

Oil and fat

We generally have leftover fat and oil from cooking, there will always be some residue even if you scrape the dishes clean before washing them. Fat turns into a liquid when it heats up which will pass through your pipes effortlessly. The problem occurs when the fat cools down and solidifies in the pipes which cause the blockage. Oil is sticky and can line your pipes over time. The oil can trap any food particles that might accidentally end up in the drain which causes a blockage. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides draining services that don’t use harsh chemicals to remove oil and fat. They use a product called BioBen® that consists of microorganisms that eat away at the fat and oil that have accumulated in your pipes.

Hair and soap

Humans lose hair every day and sometimes those strands of hair can end up in your drainage system especially after a bath or shower drains. If the strands of hair get mixed with soap then they can cause sticky and stubborn blockages. You could use chemical drain cleaner to remove these types of blockages. This is a hazard to your health, the environment, and your pipes. You might have to clean the drain cleaner more than once. Professional drain cleaning services will be able to remove the blockage without using harsh chemicals that might cause more damage. They have access to equipment like drain snakes that will remove hair clogs in no time.

There are so many things that can cause a blockage and there are various methods of removing blockages which is why it is important to hire a professional drain cleaning service provider. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has experienced plumbers that will be able to provide great quality drain cleaning services that will remove all types of blockage that you might have. They also have a variety of other plumbing solutions that will assist if the problem is more than just a clogged pipe. Call them today to book an appointment for all your plumbing needs.


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