Reverse Osmosis Water Purification vs. Conventional Water Filtration Systems | Water Filtration System in Conway, SC

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification vs. Conventional Water Filtration Systems | Water Filtration System in Conway, SC

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Even though water purification and filtration systems are a necessity for everyone, not many people are aware of the wide range that these systems come in. With the majority of people having little to no knowledge of the subject, we have discussed in this article all the essentials that people need to know about these systems.

We do not just discuss the benefits of each system but also shed light over how most customers consider the cost of the system to be the deciding factor when choosing a water purification system and how they end up picking the wrong one. It is also important to note that if a water filtration system in Conway, SC is being used to filter highly contaminated or unclean water, it will need replacement sooner than if it was filtering less contaminated water.

This key point regarding water systems often worries customers. Therefore, in this article, we focus majorly on why reverse osmosis is the best option when it comes to having the best water filtration system in Conway, SC.

To better understand this system, let’s begin with the technology used in it, i.e. reverse osmosis. Let’s start with the basics, such as what Reverse Osmosis technology is and how it is any different from conventional filtration systems.

What is Reverse Osmosis Technology?

Reverse Osmosis is essentially a purifying process that was developed in the early 70s. It was initially developed for use primarily for large-scale water desalination in regions such as Cape Coral. At that time, a large number of people were relocating to cities located along the coastal areas of America. Due to this large migration, there was an urgent need for increased quantities of desalinated and purified water. The reverse osmosis technology catered to these needs and helped the government meet these people’s demands for clean water.

To understand how this technology actually works, you first need to comprehend how the process of natural osmosis takes place. We are all aware that osmosis is the process where the solvents of a saline solution that has a relatively lower concentration move towards a solution with a comparatively higher concentration. Reverse osmosis works on a similar principle, with the only exceptions being the added pressure and the reverse mode of action.

In reverse osmosis, high pressure is applied to force the solvents present in impure water to move from higher concentration towards a solution of lower concentration. Hence the name “reverse” osmosis. The process also includes a semi-permeable membrane between the two solutions in order to absorb impurities other than solid waste, such as ions, bacteria, salts, etc. Water filtration systems in Conway, SC, usually use sediment papers for such impurity absorption.

Now that we have determined the mode of action and the working principles of the reverse osmosis technology, let’s move on to the next part, which is why it is better to use systems with this technology over conventional water filtration systemsConway, SC.

Why are Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems Better than Regular Water Filtration Systems?

There are certain reasons why reverse osmosis systems are referred to as water purification systems and not water filtration systems in Conway, SC. This is because, with this technology, water is not just filtered, but purified as well. In essence, they do not just filter out the solid waste but also rid the water of any ions, salts, bacteria, etc., making it completely pure and safe to consume. Most RO water purification systems in Conway, SC can kill 99% of the bacteria in the water being treated, which is why these are preferred more over the traditional water filtration systems in Conway, SC. These purification systems also have other benefits such as:

Improved Taste with No Odor

Reverse osmosis purification systems are known for their thorough purification processes and clean water. The water sourced from these systems has a better taste than water from the standard water filtration systems in Conway, SC.

Moreover, since these systems kill almost 99% of all the bacteria and microorganisms present in the water, they produce odorless, fresh and clean water. This dramatic improvement in the taste and quality of water makes reverse osmosis purification systems very popular among restaurant owners, becoming their most preferred choice of a water filtration system.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance

Usually, when people realize that the water in Conway, SC is not fit for consumption due to its bad taste and odor, they opt for bottled water instead. This costs them a lot of money and proves to be an expensive alternative in the long run. Water purification systems compared to water filtration systems in Conway, SCon the other hand, are much cheaper in all aspect of water purification.

They are cheap to install and have very low maintenance costs. Moreover, they last long, proving to be a much more cost-effective option. Besides, RO systems are also considered to be low maintenance since their filters only need to be changed once every six months.

Region Specific Solution

Water quality differs from area to area and house to house. Certain areas of the same city get water that is clean enough that they do not need purification systems. On the other hand, some areas of the same city receive water that is unfit for consumption. In such cases, RO water purification systems prove to be very helpful.

If your area gets unclean and unsafe drinking water, you can simply install an RO plant and get purified water for use. RO water purification systems are especially preferred over traditional water filtration systems in Conway, SC, because of the large amounts of chemical compounds such as fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, etc., found in this area’s water.

Are All Reverse Osmosis Systems the Same?

Simply answered, no. Not all RO water purification systems are the same. To understand this, it is important to first realize that all RO systems are different based on their build, purification level, costs, etc. RO systems are also, most of the times, suggested on the basis of the home’s needs.

For instance, if the client needs a system particularly for water with a high arsenic or fluoride content, then RO systems that can cater to these specific needs will be suggested to such clients. Other than these aspects, design, component quality, purification stages and process time are some other important factors that set each RO system apart from the other.

So, is an RO Purification System the Answer to Your Problems?

If you are looking for an ideal solution to all your water problems, then yes, an RO system is what you need. To have high quality, odorless and crisp drinking water, contact the best professionals in your area. For the installation of water filtration systems in Conway, SC, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Services at 843-213-6611 or pay them a visit and have the best system for your needs installed for you in no time.


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