Four Signs That Tell You to Consider Water Line Repair | Water Line Repair in Georgetown, SC

Four Signs That Tell You to Consider Water Line Repair | Water Line Repair in Georgetown, SC

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Water line issues can be a dreaded nightmare for most people. Water line repair in Georgetown, SC is an extremely tedious job. In addition to this, it can also turn out to be very expensive if not repaired on time. Moreover, if water lines are not fixed at the right time, they can get worse and cause many other related issues and complications such as blockages, drainage issues, leaks, etc.

Although water lines in Texas are generally long-lasting, durable and require low maintenance as compared to water lines in other areas, they do need regular inspection and can be subject to the usual wear and tear. Besides, it is best to have water lines frequently inspected and repaired than wait for matters to get worse and have to pay through the nose to have them fixed, like the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

There are various different early indicators that can help you identify the problem in your lines. Mostly, water line problems only require water line repair in Georgetown, SC, but, at times, the more complicated issues within the lines can also require you to get your pipes replaced.

As far as water pipe damage is concerned, it can be a result of numerous different reasons and causes. Despite the usually warm climate of Texas, water can sometimes freeze inside the pipes during the colder winter days. Frozen water is generally not taken seriously as most people assume it will melt eventually. However, it is actually one the most common reasons of water pipe damage.

Frozen water has the tendency to expand naturally; this expansion exerts a lot of pressure on the pipes from within and eventually causes the water lines to explode. Frozen water is the most common reason for water line repair in Georgetown, SC.

The excessive water pressure within water lines is another common cause of damage in water pipes. Mostly, if the water lines are clogged or malfunctioning because of an issue caused by the supplier, your pipes may experience an increased amount of pressure resulting in the pipe to burst. Moreover, pipe explosions caused by added water pressure that causes these pipes to burst from more than one place. In such cases, you will notice that your water bills will be higher than what they usually are, indicating water leakage. If that is the case, then water line repair in Georgetown, SC becomes essential, since you will need to have your pipes repaired immediately to avoid any further water waste.

Read on to find out a few of these warning signs and what you can do to resolve them.

·     Decreased Water Pressure in Your Taps

Although a water pipe malfunction usually causes your pipes to have excessive pressure, decreased water pressure in taps and faucets is also caused by water line issues. If you notice the water pressure in your taps decreasing, it is guaranteed that something is wrong in your lines. This could be a warning indicator of either a clog in your water pipes or a potential leakage in the lines. Moreover, if the pipes have burst, then you will notice your faucets’ pressure decreasing. You should immediately consider water line repair in Georgetown, SC if you notice any such problems with your faucets and taps because if the problem remains unresolved for too long, you might not get any water in your taps eventually.

·     Increased Water Bill

If you notice a sudden surge in your water bills despite your water consumption remaining the same as usual, it can be a sign of water line issues. You should call in a professional for water line repair in Georgetown, SC if your bills have increased. He will not only be able to examine your water pipes but also suggest possible solutions to your water line issues. It is important that you take quick action to avoid any more water waste and unnecessary bill surges.

·     Change in Water Appearance

A change in the appearance of the water being supplied to your house or building is the easiest give away that tells you that your pipes need replacement or servicing. If you notice that the water in your taps is yellow, brown or cloudy in appearance or has tiny particles of sand and other impurities in it, the chances are that your water lines are damaged and are not filtering out the debris, which is causing the water to appear muddy.

Although impurities of all kinds are considered to be a nuisance when found in your drinking water supply, there are some that may even be toxic, which is why you need to take immediate action and not delay your water line repair in Georgetown, SC. Moreover, trying to fix water line issues on your own never really ends well. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional for water line repair in Georgetown, SC as soon as you notice any differences in your water.

·     Damp and Discolored Walls

If you notice any discolorations, dampness, or mold on your building’s walls, there is a high chance that your water lines are either leaking or worn out. Due to the accumulated water in your walls from the leakage, you may also notice the paint on your walls crumbling and starting to peel off.

Water leakages in walls can be particularly dangerous to buildings since there are a number of issues that can arise due to accumulated water, most of which are also associated with health risks such as mold. A water line repair in Georgetown, SC will be extremely necessary in this case since the accumulated water in your walls could even cause them to collapse.

Why Shouldn’t You Repair Your Water Lines Yourself?

Due to the number of complications that can be caused by non-professionals trying to repair water pipe issues, it is always suggested to seek professional assistance. Professional plumbers are not only equipped with the necessary tools required to repair your lines, but they also do the job much quicker than an inexperienced person.

Professionals who specialize in water line repair in Georgetown, SC also have the right skill set and knowledge for the latest approaches that can be used to fix all your water line related issues such as leakages. These include the pipe bursting technique and the trenchless technique.


If you have detected any of the aforementioned issues in your water line, you should seek professional help immediately. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Services in Myrtle Beach for the best professionals and excellent services for your water line repair in Georgetown, SC today!


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