How A Reliable Plumbing Service Provider Deals With Yard Drain Issues | Myrtle Beach, SC

How A Reliable Plumbing Service Provider Deals With Yard Drain Issues | Myrtle Beach, SC

Do you have an outdoor plumbing system? How often do you have it inspected and maintained by a professional? Outdoor plumbing, such as yard drains and irrigation systems, are among the most neglected components of your Myrtle Beach, SC home’s plumbing system. Although you might have landscaped your yard to live comfortably, the poor drainage may cause various issues that might result in severe property damage.

Suppose your yard drains aren’t properly cleaned and maintained. In that case, problems such as stagnating water, foul smell, insect infestation, clogged sewer lines, potential trips, blocked floor, basement, or shower drain might arise. This is almost the entirety of your plumbing system. It underscores why you should have your yard drains maintained because they directly affect the comfort of your home.

If such issues arise, they pose a substantial health threat to you and your family. The medical bills might cost you a fortune higher than you would have spent should you have had proper yard drain maintenance. For your yard drains to look pristine and the drainage system to be effective, you need a plumbing service provider to offer routine drain maintenance. Otherwise, you might be forced to use either of the below methods of resolving yard drainage maintenance problems.

Installing French Drains

You will likely come across French drains in most Myrtle Beach, SC yards. It is prevalent in residential and commercial property settings. Crushed stones, filter fabrics, and perforated pipes are used in the drains to wade off any dirt or debris. The piping is covered using gravel, meaning the water can pass through and flow into the drains. A French drainage system is highly effective in draining water from your beautiful yard and redirecting it into the sewer lines.

Using gravity, the French drains can also direct down the water in your yard that has accumulated at a higher point. Because of their effectiveness, versatility, and ease of installation, you will likely find French drains in most homes. If you want them installed in your yard, enlist the help of a plumbing service provider near you.

Regular Maintenance and Drain Cleaning

Once a plumber has installed your yard drainage, ensure it is regularly cleaned and maintained. For everything to function properly and avoid worse problems in the future, the drainage system in your yard needs to be cleaned regularly. It involves trained eyes and specialized equipment, such as the heat scanners, hearing aids, and camera pipe inspection devices that your plumber comes equipped with.

Enlist the help of a plumbing service provider if you can’t always handle every little detail of this operation alone. If they locate the problem, they might suggest various solutions to avoid it and use the most effective and cost-friendly one. Hence, you can save a significant amount of time and money.

Drain unclogging and blockage removal are part of routine drainage cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the nature, a plumbing service provider may clear any debris, grease buildup, or sludge in your yard drains using rubber drain bladders, motorized drain augers, or even hydro-jetting methods and the amount of the obstruction.

Constructing a Rain Garden

Is water collecting in a low-lying area in your yard? Then you should consider enlisting a plumbing service provider to build a rain garden at that point. A rain garden is an area within your yard that catches and retains any overflowing water. You may then plant water-loving flowers and plants to enhance your yard’s visual aesthetics other than leaving it a mud hole.

Rain gardens are also critical for your Myrtle Beach, SC home’s environment as they reduce the surface runoffs, sediments, pet wastes, and other chemicals used at home. However, rain gardens are not the same as ponds. This is because they do have a drainage system in place. But, choosing the appropriate plants that will survive the highly damp condition is critical. Plants that have fibrous roots are the best for this. However, reach out to a professional for more advice.

Installation of a Dry Drainage Well

An environmentally friendly way to fix your drain maintenance problems is by installing a dry well. A qualified plumbing service provider can install it from scratch or include it in your yard drainage system. Once installed, your water won’t percolate through the ground or into your city’s sewage system. Any additional rain or flood water will be discharged into the soil nearby by the dry well.

The water will be directed toward the dry well using a network of downspouts and drains installed by the plumbing service expert. The process entails filtering the water before turning it into the region’s groundwater. A dry well is an excellent solution if your yard has a hardpan layer. The water will penetrate the hardpan and seep deep into the porous soil. However, just like your home’s drainage system, the installation of a dry well should be carefully designed. Otherwise, it will be an expensive addition to your house that is useless.

Installing New Yard Drains

Without proper maintenance, the yard drains might fill up with debris, dirt, and overgrowing shrubs. This leaves you only with the option of having a plumber replace them. Yard drains direct water to the sewer system, detention tank, dry well, or municipal storm drain. They primarily ensure that the water never enters the nearby property as it might cause damage. However, you might need permission to install large-scale drains in some jurisdictions.

Therefore, you need to hire a plumbing service expert who can examine your property’s layout and understand the local plumbing and building codes. Only then should you hire a professional for the yard drain installation process. Using the leveling method, the plumber will determine the areas in your yard that are lying lowest and work accordingly. The licensed, professional, and experienced plumbers understand the local plumbing codes and can also help you get the required permits to begin the project.

Let Us Help You Deal with Yard Drain Issues

When was the last time your yard drains had an inspection or maintenance? If you haven’t done so in the last couple of years, now is the time. Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for a thorough inspection of your yard drains or installation of new ones, among other plumbing services. Remember, if they are in distress, they might make your yard have an unsightly appearance.

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