Common Thermostatic Mixing Valve Problems That Lead To Water Heater Repair | Conway, SC

Common Thermostatic Mixing Valve Problems That Lead To Water Heater Repair | Conway, SC

A water heater is among the essential appliances in various Conway, SC homes. However, these units face various problems like other electrical and plumbing appliances. It includes various components such as the anode rod, valves, tank, and heating element. However, some homeowners also install a hot water mixing valve on their water heaters. Though not essential, it allows them to control the temperature of the water at a delivery point such as the shower, sink, bathtub, or wherever hot water is used. Water is fed to the hot water mixing valve by cold and hot water supply pipes. This averts the risk of scalding.

Have you ever opened your cool water faucet in the morning to have a blast of hot, scalding water flow out? Or you might have gone to a bathroom for a shower, and the water came out steaming hot and then too cold suddenly. These are among the issues that stem from a hot water mixing valve. Though it isn’t needed in most modern water heaters, some homeowners that have installed this component overlook it. However, it can result in grief if it doesn’t work properly. Hence, have a water heater repair technician install a thermostat that you can use to regulate the water temperature in your water heater rather than this component.

What’s a Hot Water Mixing Valve? Why Is the Component Critical?

Also called a TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve), a hot water mixing valve is a critical plumbing fixture that keeps the hot water system functional and safe. Water heater repair technicians install the component on the outlets of a water heater to actively regulate or control the temperatures of the water flowing to all other hot water outlets.

The valve mixes hot and cold water to ensure that all the water flowing from your showerheads, faucets, and other outlets is at a constant temperature. When the component is damaged, calcified, or loosened, it might result in several issues with your plumbing. For this reason, you should only enlist a licensed water heater repair technician for the installation, maintenance, calibration, and repairs. There are several issues that your TMV might experience, including

Issues That a Hot Water Mixing Valve Can Cause

Burning Hot Water

The main role of a hot water mixing valve is to ensure that water coming from the heater through the showerheads and faucets is safe. The recommended setting for water is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything beyond this might prove dangerous. Hence, if the hot water from the various fixtures feels very hot, then it means that the valve might have shifted position or has a blockage. Although you can always adjust the component yourself, it is recommended that you hire a water heater repair technician to deal with the issue. These professionals have the necessary experience and tools to fix the TMV without damaging other hot water system components.

Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Random temperature changes are another common problem that can be both dangerous and annoying. Try to examine your fixtures individually to determine whether they all have the same issue. If the temperature changes only occur with one hot water faucet or shower, the hot water mixing valve may not be the source of the problem.

The issue might be with the individual hot water outlet rather than the TMV. Have a water heater repair technician inspect the entire hot water system to promptly pinpoint and fix the issue. If the professional determines that the problem is with the thermostatic mixing valve, they might repair or replace it depending on the extent of the issue.

A Total Lack of Hot Water

Do you only get a blast of chilly, cold water whenever you turn on the faucet, regardless of how long you wait? Most homeowners with this issue attribute it to their water heater or hot water system. However, a damaged thermostatic mixing valve may also be a contributing factor. When the valve malfunctions, it may become stuck in the “off” position, preventing the flow of hot water to your fixtures. To decisively deal with the issue, have a technician in Conway, SC, inspect the hot water system, including the hot water mixing valve, to root out the issue and fix it. Water heater repair professionals are properly trained and experienced in dealing with such problems.

Problems with the Water Heater

Your water heater may experience various issues if the mixing valve is not working properly. For instance, a jammed thermostatic mixing valve may result in the water getting excessively hot, overheating the water heater tank, and possibly bursting. The other issue is when the hot water mixing valve cannot release heated water from the heating unit’s tank.

As a result, money and energy may be wasted as the appliance continuously heats the water. Watch how much energy is used and how efficiently your water heater performs. Any rapid changes could result from a damaged TMV, and you should have a water heater repair technician inspect and resolve the problem.

Inconsistent Water Flow

A malfunctioning mixing valve can cause variations in more than just water temperature. In addition to regulating the water pressure, this component ensures a continuous flow rate from the hot water fixtures. Examine the water coming out of your faucets. You can only get a few drops of water despite fully tightening the handle. Perhaps the flow appears to fluctuate between weak and strong randomly?

Occasionally, random scale or debris slowly collects within the thermostatic mixing valve, lowering water pressure. It will eventually cause the valve to fail if it is left unaddressed by a water heater repair technician. Sometimes the problem might be traced to an old, rusted valve that must be replaced.

Get in Touch with Reliable Plumbing Professionals

Thermostatic mixing valves are complex plumbing components. Hence, you shouldn’t attempt to DIY-fix them. This is because even a slight mistake could turn your enjoyable shower into a scalding hot one. Calling a water heater repair technician is the best action if you run into an issue with your TMV. These specialists are professionally trained to deal with most TMV and water heater issues. For any hot water system repair, inspection, and maintenance at your Conway, SC home, call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.

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