Common Problems Your Plumber Encounters In Older Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Problems Your Plumber Encounters In Older Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Do you reside in an old Myrtle Beach, SC home? Then you might have dealt with various plumbing issues. Residing in an old home is about enjoying the character of a house that is distinctive and unique to its era. As such, it is devoid of the modern house design’s monotony. The old houses are appealing for various reasons such as the superiority of the construction materials, appearance, and that they are cheap.

However, the likelihood of something getting wrong in an old home is comparatively higher than in a recently built home. Furthermore, you might even end up paying more for repairs and restorations. It might be the windows or doors that aren’t shutting all way, a shoddy furnace, or issues with the roofing. It may be any one of the many problems. However, this article will discuss some plumbing issues in such homes and how a plumber can help you deal with them.

So, what are the leading plumbing issues that occur in such homes? What measures can you take to evert them? If you reside in such a house, it is time to discuss such issues before it gets too late. It is never fun to have various plumbing issues at your home, especially the old ones. However, some of the leading plumbing issues in such homes are relatively common. Although you might keep them at bay with routine maintenance, it is also critical to know what they entail so that you can call a plumber immediately after they arise.

Outdated Fixtures

Older homes are often made from better and more solid materials than most modern houses. However, they eventually deteriorate and erode with time and start to cause problems. Valves and washers deteriorate, handles break, water heaters start leaking, and other plumbing issues result in nasty smells, leaks, and flooding. Have your plumbing fixtures deteriorated or become outdated with time? Then it might be time to call a plumber for a whole house repipe to replace the outdated fixtures and appliances. The only sure way to ensure that you don’t fall victim to various plumbing issues is to have a professional upgrade the plumbing.

Piping Made of Galvanized Steel

Galvanized piping is common in homes constructed in the 1960s and earlier in plumbing history. It may be due to rusting pipes or the discharge of iron via the pipes if you experience problems with the water pressure, discoloration, or quality. Iron is used to make galvanized pipes, which are subsequently covered in zinc, a material that can corrode over time.

Bad Repairs

The plumbing system is as good as a plumber that you have had working on maintenance. If the professionals aren’t adequately trained, they might offer substandard services. This means that the plumbing system will constantly need repairs and replacements. This means that the older your Myrtle Beach, SC home is, the larger the repairs it might need.

With an old home, it means that several professionals have worked on your home. Hence, there isn’t a way of determining the level of care the piping received. Hence, always have licensed, professional and reliable plumbers inspect the old home before you pen your signature on the transfer deed. This way, you can negotiate the price and know the status of your potential new home.

Lead Water Lines

You can encounter issues if your city utilizes water lines made from lead and your plumbing is galvanized. Your home’s water comes from the water mains through a water line, but if that line is being repaired, lead may start to contaminate your water. You should have a plumber check your water and pipes to see if there is too much lead to prevent water poisoning. In older homes, you might need to have a water filtering system installed.

Drain Issues

Several years of soap, hair, scum, grime, and dirt will undoubtedly affect the drainage system. The kitchen, toilet, and bathroom drains are susceptible to blockages and clogging. When purchasing an old home, you cannot determine what has been washed down the drains. Whenever you notice that water is backing up in your sinks and toilets or a strange smell emanating from your drains, it is time to have a plumbing professional inspect them. There is a high chance that the drains have a debris blockage that a drain cleaning service provider should clear.

Polybutylene Piping

Between the ’70s and ’90s, polybutylene pipes were affordable and used in various homes. However, the US building codes don’t allow them anymore. The polybutylene popes poorly react with oxidants dissolved in water and slowly break down as time progresses. This might result in system failures in some of the homes. Hence, if you are moving to a Myrtle Beach, SC home that was constructed in these times, having a plumber inspect the pipes and replace them if they are made from polybutylene is a great idea. You might have to replace the entire system before a potentially damaging issue arises.

Shifting Pipes

Pipe belly shifting is a problem, particularly in older homes. Your home’s underground and slab-covered pipes are vulnerable to settling an old house over time. It may sound terrifying, but it does occur. If the pipes slide downhill, they produce a “belly,” a negative slope that can impede water flow or produce pools where the trash can eventually gather. If this is left for too long, it may result in blockages and stoppages, prompting you to call a plumber for a closer look.

Sewer Lines

The old home’s plumbing issues might also stem from cracked and damaged sewage lines, which isn’t an issue with your old house. The purpose of sewer lines is to transport the gray and black water from the drains to the municipality treatment facility via the sewer main. Due to the constant moisture in sewer pipes, tree roots are drawn to them and can cause the pipe to split and clog.

Plumbing Professionals You Can Rely On

Are you planning to purchase an old house and convert it to a new home? You must have a plumber inspect its plumbing. This is because various plumbing issues are most prevalent in these old houses. Hence, a thorough inspection gives you a clear view of the new home’s status and helps you negotiate its price. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today for a reliable and professional plumbing service.

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