Getting To Know Your Gas Appliance, And When To Call For Gas Appliance Repair Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Getting To Know Your Gas Appliance, And When To Call For Gas Appliance Repair Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

People tend to be more cautious when dealing with their gas appliances. They know that working with gas is a serious business, and can result in serious damage and injury if precautions are not observed. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, our gas appliance repair service is well trained in the care of your gas equipment. We also have information about ways in which you can get the most out of them, especially your gas stove. Whether it’s a routine task for you, a repair job for us, or a gas company emergency, it’s important that you know how to make that determination.

If You’re Unfamiliar with Gas Appliances, Let Us Help

Many homes and apartment complexes have been built in recent decades using an “all electric” utility theme, so there are plenty of people who have never had to use a gas appliance in their lives. There are big differences in how a gas stove and electric stove operate, so don’t be shy if you’ve just moved in and aren’t quite sure how to operate and maintain your gas appliances. Our gas appliance repair service can help you get your equipment properly adjusted so it performs well for you, and show you how to maintain it properly, especially cleaning, and what to do if it’s not working.

Cleaning Is Essential for Good Operation

Gas flow, airflow, pilot light operation and igniters all need to be quite clean to operate correctly. Keeping your gas stove clean, especially around the gas jets, is essential for satisfactory performance. Cleaning is also the first step in addressing many malfunctions before you call gas appliance repair service.

Open Burners

Standard burners are a freestanding ring of jets, out in the open, with room for particles of food to fall in and even down below the cooking area. Because they have better air circulation than sealed burners and so more oxygen to supply for the flames, they burn beautifully and freely. They can be a mess to clean, especially if you’ve had a pot boil over or other cooking accident. Professionals seem to prefer open burners, which offer a wider range of heat levels, but they also have assistants to clean for them.

Sealed Burners

The idea behind sealed burners is that they’re easier to clean, sealed to the top of the gas range. They’re more common on home gas stoves, even the more expensive models, and they do make life easier by being easier to keep clean. If your sealed burner is not burning evenly, as with many parts of a gas stove, cleaning is probably the answer, but in some cases it may require a gas appliance repair service call to get your whole ring of fire back in place.

Pilot Lights

Electronic ignitions are standard on most modern gas stoves, so if you have a pilot light you’re doing it old school. Your pilot light stays burning to provide ignition to the gas burners on the stove, and if it goes out you can relight it carefully with a match or lighter. If it doesn’t stay lit, or hardly burns at all, cleaning might be helpful and a gas appliance repair service call is a good idea.


If your gas stove has igniters to electrically start the flames, cleanliness is your friend. Even a bit of food particles blocking the gas flow can keep you from lighting the burner, and more debris is sure to cause trouble. You may need to use a needle, compressed air, or a toothpick to get small particles out of the way. If that doesn’t do it, these devices can use high voltage sparks, so give us a call to make the fix rather than risk a shock.

Oven Lighting

There are several ways to light a gas oven, depending on its age and type. Some ovens need you to light them for each use, with a long match or grill lighter to keep your hand away from the flames. Other ovens have a pilot light that you’ll only need to light if it goes out. More modern units use an electrical lighting system that takes care of ignition on its own, you don’t have to light it.

Adjusting Your Oven

Sometimes your oven’s thermostat may seem to be off, causing your oven to heat to the wrong temperature. Adjustment is a fairly simple procedure, but sometimes you may need a sensor instead. Our service personnel can replace the sensor quickly.

Uneven Cooking and Baking in Your Oven

If your cakes are baking on one side more than the other, you may have a problem with your oven heating unevenly. Our repair personnel can address problems with the heating element, which may need repairs or cleaning to ensure that all jets are burning properly.

Gas Dryers

A common problem with gas dryers is simply a blocked vent. If you’re having trouble getting the dryer to operate properly and heat up, you can check that first before calling our gas appliance repair service. There are other issues that we can address inside the unit that requires a qualified professional to repair.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters may require a gas appliance repair service for an unexpected reason: the thermocouple. This is a sensor that makes sure the pilot light is burning and shuts off the gas flow to the pilot light if for some reason there’s no flame present. Call our gas appliance repair service to fix gas water heater problems professionally and safely.

Other Gas Appliances

Your Myrtle Beach, SC Gas Appliance Repair Service for Safe and Effective Appliance Care

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we have the expertise to make safe and effective repairs to your gas appliances. We’re also glad to help you learn how to care for and maintain these devices for long safe service. Give us a call with questions and your service needs.


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