How Our Plumbing Service Maintenance Offerings Help You Keep Ahead Of Trouble | Myrtle Beach, SC

How Our Plumbing Service Maintenance Offerings Help You Keep Ahead Of Trouble | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Many plumbing problems take a long time for you to notice the damage they’re doing. As experienced plumbers, though, when we perform maintenance services on your plumbing, including external and video inspections and internal preventive cleaning, we may detect signs of trouble early on. One example is aging and deteriorating pipes, where we can use the information we gather to predict problems in other areas of your home’s plumbing. We may also suggest remedies such as water softeners and filtration to improve water quality and slow corrosion in your pipes and appliances. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, we don’t just take care of your plumbing problems and emergencies, we work to help you prevent them.

Keep Up With Your Home’s Condition with Plumbing Service Inspections and Maintenance

Especially if you have an older home, plumbing inspections can help you keep up with pipe aging and fixture wear, ensuring that you catch leaks and other problems as early as possible, and also recognize when multiple problems indicate a larger issue to be addressed. Our expert plumbing service team sees your home through plumbers’ eyes, and also takes into account factors such as your home’s age and construction, and the types of plumbing materials found in your home.

Drain Cleaning Service and Inspections

Multiple drain clog and overflow problems each year are not uncommon in a busy household, but there is a way to address many of the root causes of repeat clogs: our drain cleaning service. We clear clogs with augers and other tools, inspect for deeper issues using video inspection tools, and use hydro jet equipment to blast the insides of pipes clean. By giving your home a comprehensive treatment, we can remove the factors that worsen clog risk by slowing wastewater flow and causing gradual buildup on the walls of your pipes. You get to start fresh each year, and any clogs that you do have are more likely to be simple ones, easily located in your sink drains and toilets, rather than deep down where they keep causing problems. We can also visually check and hydro jet clear large clogs in your sewer line, where bulky material sometimes accumulates rather than being flushed away to the public sewer. This will help avoid major backups throughout your home’s drain lines.

Leak Detection, As Needed or Preventive

Ultrasonic leak detection and location, combined with thermal imaging and video inspection, give us a powerful set of tools for finding leaks without causing damage to walls in the process. This makes it easier to perform targeted leak repair, and also to provide a leak survey plumbing service where we explore for signs of leaks to help avoid the consequences of even smaller leaks in your walls, including damage to your walls themselves, corrosion of wires running inside them, and health hazards from mold and mildew. Sometimes, the dark, moist areas will also draw living creatures to nest there.

Fixture Maintenance and Repair

Our plumbing service can clean up your “to-do” list as part of our visit, replacing washers in faucets and performing other fixture maintenance and repair. We can help solve problems like stuck faucets and shutoff valves, so you don’t have to use excessive force on them, possibly risking damage and an emergency plumbing service visit.

Water Hammer and Appliance Hose Bursting Prevention

A loud bang when you shut off faucets or when your appliances move on from the fill cycle, can indicate that the water pressure is spiking and possibly damaging other appliances or fixtures connected to your pipes. The solution is a simple water hammer arrestor device attached to each appliance connection, which our plumbing service can do in a moment. While we’re handling that, if your washing machine is connected by rubber hoses to its water supply, we can install stainless steel hoses that won’t degrade and burst in time like rubber can.

Pipe Replacement Possibilities

When you’ve had multiple repairs on the same piping or our video inspection has indicated excessive corrosion or degradation in your pipes, it may be time to talk about pipe replacement, or repiping. This can simplify your life considerably with new, reliable pipes throughout. At a certain age, many homeowners choose to replace aging pipes to protect their investment in their homes and avoid expensive repairs from water and wastewater damage.

Water Line and Sewer Line Care

Catching problems in your main water and sewer line early can help us recommend simpler repair solutions. Over time, pipe replacement may become the best option.

Water Pressure Issue Resolution

Water pressure problems are sometimes the effect of pressure regulation devices in need of servicing or problems with your water filter or other devices in the main water line. 

Water Heater Maintenance

Our maintenance for your water heater can help improve its operation and, most importantly, limit the effects of corrosion on the water heater tank. We’ll also keep you apprised of the condition of your water heater’s tank so you can avoid emergency replacement and choose the right time to install a new water heater.

Under Slab Plumbing Verification

Our water leak detection skills also apply to any plumbing in your home that is located beneath your concrete slab, a difficult place to access for regular inspections but easily accessed by technological means. Our plumbing service can help you locate problems before you have pools of water growing beside your foundation and other sights of slab leaks.

Your Preventive Plumbing Service in Myrtle Beach, SC

Our plumbing service team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach is here to help you with plumbing problems, large and small. We’re also ready to help you with plumbing inspections and other services that help you keep on top of your plumbing’s condition and preventive services that keep your plumbing in better shape. Give us a call to schedule preventive services, and keep our number handy for all your plumbing needs.


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