Plumbing Company Tips: Are You Skeptical About Having A Water Filtration System? Signs You Need One | Conway, SC

Plumbing Company Tips: Are You Skeptical About Having A Water Filtration System? Signs You Need One | Conway, SC

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Some homeowners always assume as long as water coming from their faucets is clear and odorless, it’s safe for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. However, clean water may still contain impurities, such as lead, which are harmful to the users.

According to research regarding lifetime risk of exposure to cancer through drinking water conducted by the Environmental Working Group, about 100,000 cancer cases are linked to water running from faucets.

These statistics clearly show you need to have a filtration system in your home even if you get the best quality water from a renowned supplier in Conway, SC. You can visit with a plumbing company and request water filtration installation services to ensure your home and family have clean water every day.

Keep reading to know some of the indicators that may help you know that’s may help you know that you need immediate water filtration installation solutions from a reliable plumbing company.

Turbid Water

Usually, water that’s considered safe for drinking should be clear. However, you may receive cloudy water from your supplier at times. Although cloudy water doesn’t necessarily mean your water is contaminated, sometimes it could imply the water contains pathogens or excess chemicals such as chlorine.

It’s time to seek professional help from a plumbing company if you notice water coming out of your kitchen tap is cloudy and bitter. You may experience health complications after your body reaches a time when it can’t take in the chemicals anymore, if you don’t get an immediate solution, including seeking installation services for a water filtration system.

Water with a Bad Taste

According to its scientific compositions, water that’s safe for use should be tasteless. You’ll always find it uncomfortable to drink water with a weird taste. Don’t assume this red flag.

Visit a well-known plumbing company to get an expert to test the quality of your water and recommend the necessary solutions. The plumber can offer you pipe cleaning services for your water supply system.

Afterward, you’ll need to invest in a water filtration system and request a professional to handle the installation. However, you should note that doing all this may not be a long-term solution if your water supplier distributes low-quality water. Consult with the staff at your trusted plumber to know if your water supplier is legit. Look for another utility provider if necessary.

Discolored and Stained Clothes

Apart from using water for drinking, you’ll need it to do your laundry and clean your house. Although discolored or stained clothes could result from poor fabric quality or the use of highly-concentrated chemical detergents, bad water quality may also be a contributing factor.

Water that contains high iron levels can trigger a rusty color on the clothes. Additionally, hard water can make your expensive clothes appear dull with some touch of gray. Schedule an appointment with a specialist from your plumber in Conway, SC, to install a whole house water filtration system in your house.

It will help increase your laundering convenience and retain the value of your clothes’ fabric after washing them.


Also called soap scum, limescale is a crusty and white material that you can find accumulated on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. At some point, you may even notice the scum floating on drinking water inside your glass.

Limescale emerges due to chemical components found in hard water, including magnesium and calcium. Without professional help from your plumbing company, limescale may be difficult to remove from your plumbing fixtures and fittings. It could, further, give rise to health issues if you don’t act promptly to get it removed since mold and bacteria can grow on limescale deposits.

Seek assistance from a reliable plumber to offer you immediate and extensive limescale removal solutions. To prevent such an issue from happening in the future, ask your plumbing company to assign a specialist that’ll install the best quality and size of water filtration system your home needs.

Your Home Is Old

Sometime before the invention of PVC pipes, most construction companies used lead pipes and faucets to set up plumbing systems in homes. After operating for long, the interior surfaces of these fixtures and fittings start rusting and leach leads into water that’s flowing through faucets in your home.

As discussed earlier, lead-contaminated water can cause cancer, especially in kids. Ensure you pursue water filtration installation services from your trusted plumber in Conway, SC, to get a fresh and non-contaminated supply of clean water in your old home.

Better yet, ask the plumbing company to repipe your home using PVC material for increased water safety if you have a flexible budget.

Dry Skin and Hair

Everybody wants to look good and presentable before people at all times, whether working in an office or as a professional model. Your skin and hair can become dry if you use hard water for bathing or showering.

Additionally, if you frequently use hard water to wash your hair, the chances are that it will get weak, and you’ll start experiencing hair loss. Also, unfiltered water can contain chemicals that’ll make your skin itchy after freshening up.

You can prevent these inconveniences by scheduling with your plumbing company for a water quality test. Also, make a prompt decision to invest in a water filtration system and request the plumber deliver installation services.

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