When The Heat Is Out: Water Heater Repair | Conway, SC

When The Heat Is Out: Water Heater Repair | Conway, SC

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Water heater repair in Conway, SC is an essential need for homeowners. In fact, most of us have come to know just how much we rely on hot water for all of our essential daily needs, from cooking to cleaning and bathing and showering. Without it, our lives might feel on the brink of total ruin, which would have anyone running to the gym or the nearest neighbor to get a good shower in.

Yet the signs of water heater failure are obvious and cannot be missed. Loud, clanging metallic noises, water that is murky or somehow discolored, and water leaks around the tank itself all have something to tell you, which is that it’s time to look into water heater repair service.

An overall lack of sufficient hot water is another sign that your unit is on the brink of failure. In fact, it can possibly be traced to another lingering problem, which may be a leak inside your tank. Since that part of your water heater is made of metal, it is often subject to corrosion due to the amount of water it stores, which can be anywhere from 20-50 gallons in one sitting. It’s very likely that some of the heat may escape, along with the water you could have used.

But there are times when your water is in the process of being heated for use, which can result in sediment becoming separated in the process. This simply means that it can settle quickly into the bottom of the tank and actually clog it up, which prevents the water heater from heating up your water supply. This is something that can be prevented by an annual flushing, which should be scheduled as a routine part of your water heater repair service.

Any type of mineral deposit that results from sediment build up can eventually affect other aspects of your plumbing, including your faucets and other important fixtures. In fact, such metallic elements can cause mineral build up inside your faucets, which leads to you having to call a plumber just to have them fixed. Failure to do so could impact the amount of water that comes out of the tap to the point where it may lead to leakage issues down the road.

Your water heater has a quirky way of speaking to you, and it will. It sends messages that the heating element is about to go out very quickly and that it’s time for a change or an upgrade. When you turn on your hot water, you should be able to expect that the temperature will remain steady, and when it fails to do so, that’s a sure sign that trouble is on the way.

Inconsistent temperatures should be closely monitored for about a week. The best way to do this is to turn on the hot water tap from any random location, let the water run for two minutes, then collect a sample in a small cup. From there, you can use a meat thermometer to test the temperature. Waiting a couple of minutes until the reading is stable is a good idea, and from there, you should record the data. A written log should be kept with the dates and times to give to the plumber before water heater repair service.

Water heaters are just like any other type of machine, as they can age after years of wear and tear due to massive use. Needing occasional repairs is normal, as anything could happen at any time, even to newer units. But when the need becomes constant, this could mean that your home needs a water heater upgrade as soon as possible. When the total cost of water heater repair service exceeds the actual value of the original unit, then looking into getting a brand new one installed is a much better idea and an excellent investment.

Water heater repair service can include having a brand new water heater installed once you’ve ordered the new unit. Fortunately, there are options available as to what type of unit you may wish to have installed for your Conway, SC home.

Electric water heaters rely on warming rods that are located inside the tank and heat the water as it comes up into the unit. The good news is that the electric variety has a way of heating up your water supply at a rate that’s at least 50% faster than the gas-powered kind, and that helps, especially when you have a living situation with multiple people under a single roof.

The bad news about electric water heaters is that you will most likely end up spending twice as much in monthly energy costs, as it does take quite a bit of electricity to heat up anywhere from 20-50 gallons in one setting. Getting a smaller unit may be the answer, and a tankless brand is best when using electricity to heat up your water.

Tankless water heaters can be installed as part of your water heater repair service by a professional. In fact, the tankless brand is one of the best to have installed, as it’s a tiny little device that doesn’t rely on a large tank, but can fit neatly and compactly right under your kitchen or bathroom sink. The tankless water heater heats water as you go along, thus ensuring that you can have a fresh batch of hot water any time.

The greatest advantages of the tankless water heater are many. In fact, the only downside is the amount of money you would need to spend up front just to have it installed. These units are a worthy investment, as they can last for up to twenty years and with minimal need for water heater repair service.

Thankfully, water heater repair and installation service are two of the many branches in plumbing that Benjamin Franklin has to offer its customers, and making a service call is always an option when the heat is out.


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