Drain Cleaning Service And Drain Trouble | Myrtle Beach, SC

Drain Cleaning Service And Drain Trouble | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Drain cleaning service in Myrtle Beach, SC is much needed, and homeowners within the area should become familiar with all of the signs of drain trouble. Clogged drains are certainly no fun, and they can pose a serious hassle for those who rely on good, quality water service as they know it.

Tree roots, loose branches, and other debris can add up inside your system and cause your drains to back up, which is why cleaning service is so vital. It ensures a smooth, clear water flow that is clean and non-toxic without the mess of it collecting outdoors or within your home.

Some signs of clogged drains are obvious, such as sinks or tubs that are slow to drain or a toilet that percolates like a coffee maker. If the problem is not addressed in a timely manner, then the results can be serious. Your water may begin to fail at draining, which may be something that points to the need for drain cleaning service within your home.

Unfortunately, the problem can escalate to the point where one fixture or appliance will back water up into another in an attempt to drain it out, and this may have some significant consequence down the road. Dirty water that backs up can have other consequences, such as damage to fixtures or your floors, and this simply means that calling a plumber right away for drain cleaning service is a must.

Foul odors coming straight from the pipes are noticeable right away, and may be the result of something that has been stuck down inside your drains for much too long. Rotting food particles, old grease and oils, or fats that are stuck inside the drains can be readily detected when you go to use your sink or tub. There may even be cases where a large rat may have gotten trapped while trying to make its way from the outdoors and into your home, and the plumber can work to remove its body as soon as possible during the process.

Sometimes, a drain clog can become so severe that one plumbing fixture can back right into another in an effort to dump the dirty water into the sewers. This typically happens within a closed location, such as the bathroom or the kitchen area. Preventive measures such as routine drain cleanings can help reduce the possibility of build up, but it is important to keep in mind that you should hire a professional plumber to do the job.

The frequent use of drain cleaners and other DIY measures is not recommended, as they can cause further problems within the pipes. Plus, they can pose a health hazard, especially with pets and small children. They only serve to scratch the surface of your drain cleaning problems but cannot get to the real root of them, which is something that only professional drain cleaning service can do.

Grease, oil, detergent, and soap that get stuck do so when they harden after use. During the process, they can build residue along the walls of your pipes, thus leading to major drainage issues down the line. For this type of condition, the best thing for the plumber to do is apply hydro-jetting, which uses anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 psi of pure, clear water to blast away the hardened residue that lurks within your pipes.

Mechanical snaking can be used for problems that are simpler, such as hair, toilet paper, or small toys. It can best be applied to areas where these items are most likely to be, such as toilets, tubs, or shower drains. During this process, the plumber will use a flexible snake that goes directly into your pipes and drains and yank out the items that are causing the clog to happen. A licensed, skilled plumber should be able to do this in a way that doesn’t cause any kind of significant damage to your pipes, such as rips or punctures.

Drain cleaning service should become an integral part of routine maintenance, whether it’s every year or every three years. Older plumbing systems can benefit from routine drain cleaning service, as well as basement and sewer drains. Even having your outdoor drains checked for the presence of tree roots should be part of annual drain cleaning service, as any type of plant or vegetation can easily thrive on soil and water.

Residents in Myrtle Beach, SC should know that something as seemingly small as the accumulation of fruit flies may point to the idea that it’s time to have those drains checked. This is especially true in cases where the pests have been seen hanging around your kitchen sink all of a sudden. The chances are great that they may be drawn to the food that’s stuck inside your pipes and causing the drains to clog.

Puddles that form in your front or backyards can be signs of moderate to severe drain damage or a possible sewer main backup, which is something that should be addressed right away.

The benefits of professional drain cleaning service are many, and they outweigh the costs involved when you call for a plumber. Most drain cleaning service should begin with a video inspection, where a camera is inserted into your pipes and drains to check for damage. This helps the plumber to locate the source of the problem, which is where the work begins. Once the clog is located, then a plan can be drafted where the contractor can determine what needs to be done to eliminate it.

Another benefit you can get from a video inspection is the knowledge of what may be inside your pipes or drains. This can help the plumber in determining the right type of service needed, whether its mechanical snaking or hydro-jetting.

The peace of mind you get from having your drains professionally cleaned can be the best part of calling for service. Clogged drains are no fun, and can be a hassle for any homeowner. Calling or visiting online can greatly reduce the stress imposed by a stopped up drain of any kind. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we are here for you!


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