What to Consider When Choosing a Drain Cleaning Service Provider | Myrtle Beach, SC

What to Consider When Choosing a Drain Cleaning Service Provider | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC knows all about the struggles clients face when they are confronted with a blocked pipe.

You start to realize that the water isn’t draining as well as it should and then one day the water doesn’t drain at all. You grab the plunger and spend hours thrusting at it but nothing happens. You consider buying draining cleaning chemicals to remove the blockage but you have no idea what kind of damage it can do.

It is time to think about a drain cleaning service but what should you consider when choosing a plumbing company?

Here are some things to consider when choosing a drain cleaning service.

How safe are the products used in drain cleaning?

Some drain cleaning products that are found in stores are made from strong chemicals and they are extremely toxic which can be a health hazard if you accidentally inhale the fumes. It can also be dangerous to have in your house when you have small children who are curious and want to explore. You should also consider the health of your plumbing. These harsh chemicals can damage your pipes after repeated use. Sometimes the blockage is so bad that you need to use the drain cleaning products for more than once to achieve the desired outcome. 

How efficient will the drain cleaning service be?

Time is money, therefore, it is important to find a drain cleaning service that won’t take a big chunk out of your day because you have to stand by as the plumber struggles to remove a blockage. The plumber might not even be able to remove it and has to come back the next day to try again. The pipe might be unclogged for a week or two but slowly the water starts to drain slower and slower until it stops. All that time and money that you spent has now been for nothing. It is important to find a service that has methods that are guaranteed to work and that will give you long-lasting effects.

Will the drain cleaning service be able to remove different kinds of blockages?

A blockage can be caused by different things like foreign objects, sludge build-up and roots from trees and shrubs, Sometimes the blockage can also be caused by misaligned pipes or the walls of the pipes have collapsed. It is best to consider all the types of blockages when contacting plumbers. You should ask them if they can assist with removing different kinds of blockages before you know what kind of blockage you have. This will save you a lot of trouble because you don’t have to worry about what will happen if the plumber can’t remove the blockage.

Does the company that provides the drain cleaning service have other services that might be necessary if other problems arise?

As a client, you might not know much about your drainage system or what is necessary for your plumbing to work effectively and without problems. The drain cleaning service can bring to light problems in your plumbing system that if not repaired might cause some serious damage in the future. As mentioned above, something a blockage can be caused by pipe walls that have collapsed or misaligned pipes so it is important to choose a plumbing company that can assist you with all the aspects of your plumbing system.

Will the plumbing company be available 24/7?

Some drain blockages can wait a day or two but when your only toilet has a blockage and water is overflowing from the toilet then it can’t wait. It is important to know which plumbing companies can provide services outside of normal business hours because drainage problems don’t always happen within normal business hours.

Can I trust the plumbing company?

There are many plumbing companies out there and sometimes it can be difficult to find reliable and affordable plumbing solutions. Word of mouth can be a great tool to use when choosing a plumbing company because you can trust the reviews that your friends, family, and co-workers give. You can also find reviews online that can give you more insight into how the plumbing company operates and how desirable the outcome of their services was.

This might be a daunting task to find a /company that provides drain cleaning services as well as a variety of other plumbing services that might go hand in hand with your drainage problems. If you live in Horry County, South Carolina then you don’t have to look any further because Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has your back.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing uses BioBen®, which consists of microorganisms that eat away at sludge and debris that are causing the blockages in drains. BioBen® is safe to use in all systems and won’t damage your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This product is effective and you will notice the results within minutes of its uses. They have a team of highly qualified plumbers that will be able to assist with various plumbing problems that might arise when a drainage system is inspected for blockages. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides plumbing services 24/7 and guarantees that they will always be on time for their appointments so that you don’t have to wait. They have various testimonials on their website that shows how effective and trustworthy their services are.

If you are in need of a drain cleaning service or just want to have a 24/7 plumbing service provider on hand then contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Myrtle Beach, SC to schedule your appointment today.


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