Benefits of Seeking Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Benefits of Seeking Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Home drainage systems are susceptible to clogging. Sometimes, the clogging may result from the mischievous kids who like to throw anything they come across down the drain. At times, drain clogging may also result from grease, hair, food particles, scum, or any other residue that find their way in your drain system.

A clogged drain system is a health concern in the home as it leads to the formation of a conducive environment for bacterial growth. It also leads to the back-flow of dirty water which is a breeding ground for many disease-bearing vectors.

A clogged drain is the main cause of rusting in drain pipes. When your plumbing pipes rust, they will get eaten up and in the long run, they will break down. It is costlier to replace broken pipes than to have the system checked and attended to at the right time. Installation, repair, and maintenance of a drain system need the hand of professional plumbers. These are things you can not do on your own.

First, because you don’t have the right tools to rectify the situation, and secondly because you do not have the protective gear that can protect you from the germs and bacteria associated with dirty drain water. Seeking Drain Cleaning Service from professional plumbers like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Myrtle Beach, SC, is the only way out of such a situation.

There are plenty of reasons you need to deal only with trained and certified plumbers. Some of these reasons include:

Better draining systems

A professional Drain Cleaning Service company has the expertise and equipment needed to unclog drains and clean them thoroughly. Such a company also has the requisite technology to detect where the clog is and remove it quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a better draining system and the wastewater will flow away easily from your home. A professional plumber will first test the severity of the problem, then decide on which tools will work best without destroying the other sections of your drainage system.

Decreased odor

As stated above, blocked drainage will lead to the back-flow of sewage water into the house. This water will cause a strong, awful odor in the house.

A strong odor in the house may not necessarily be a result of the back-flow of sewage water. So, if you aren’t sure whether the smell is coming from blocked drainage, try to find out where it is coming from before you seek a Drain Cleaning Service.

Start by rinsing, flushing, and cleaning all your appliances. Check both inside and outside the house for anything that might cause the odor. If you can’t find it, then you can call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing technicians. They will detect where the problem is coming from and fix it for you, especially if it is a plumbing issue.

Saves money and time

If you allow your drainage system to stay for long without regular maintenance and cleaning, you’ll risk spending more when a major problem occurs. A problem may seem to be small, but with time, it will build up to unmanageable proportions. Second, trying to use crude tools to clean your drain system is a waste of time and may damage your drainage system. Better seek service from a qualified plumber to get the work done right the first time.

The best Drain Cleaning Service in Myrtle Beach, SC

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the leading plumbing company locally. If you are faced with any plumbing problems, you can contact us and we will arrive at your premises sooner than you expected. We not only carry out drain cleaning services but also carry out all manner of plumbing projects. Some services we offer include:

  • All plumbing repair works
  • Water heaters (conventional)
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Expansion tanks
  • Drain Cleaning Service
  • Faucet installation, replacement, and repair
  • Garbage disposals
  • Line installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Pipe breaks
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Gas and slab leaks
  • Tub and sink replacement
  • Water heaters (tankless)
  • Sump pumps
  • Well repairs
  • Water filtration systems
  • Camera inspection (free)
  • Water leaks and yard line

We do more than what is listed above. If you need any Drain Cleaning Service or any general plumbing service get in touch with us. Even if you have a plumbing remodeling project, our technicians will carry it out to your satisfaction. We treat all our clients equally, that’s why we give equal weight to both small and complex projects.

Why choose us?

All drain cleaning plumbers from Benjamin Franklin are trained and certified to use modern equipment for any Drain Cleaning Service and other plumbing works. This will ensure that your home is safe while they are working.

Moreover, they will clean the working area after the work to ensure they leave it cleaner than they found it.

The technology we use can’t be found in any other plumbing company.

For example, we use Hydro Jetting for very tough clogs that other drain cleaning tools can not remove. A Hydrojet is a complex equipment that can only be operated by highly specialized plumbers. It blasts in different directions at high pressure to remove the toughest clogs ensuring that your drain system is left sparkling clean after cleaning.

We use up-to-the-minute software to help our customer service reps to schedule appointments and to route your calls. Once plumbers are assigned to your project, they will arrive in a fully loaded truck to ensure all your plumbing problems are solved in the first visit.


When you choose our Drain Cleaning Service, you’ll be supporting a reputable local business. You can rest assured that we will leave a smile on your face. We value your time and we know you have several obligations to take care of. That’s why we don’t want to waste your time.

When you call us, we will arrive promptly. In case our plumbers arrive late, we will pay you at the rate of $5 for every minute they are late. That’s how much we value our clients. Call us at Benjamin Franklin now and we’ll offer you top-notch service.


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