What A Plumber Can Do For Your Home Before Leaving For Vacation | Conway, SC

What A Plumber Can Do For Your Home Before Leaving For Vacation | Conway, SC

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Vacation hype is a feeling like no other. Official duties at work? They will have to wait. Accounts to settle will be there when you get back. The moment has arrived to put all the daily activities aside and get into vacation mode. Be it Christmas travel to family and friends or a summer journey at the beach, the vacation has officially kicked off.

While that can be very exciting, it can be frustrating at the same time not just because of the traveling and vacation logistics but also due to the condition your home will be in when you return. Be it leaking ceilings, awful smells from the drain sinks, or drying flower beds, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to fix the issues. Well, you probably have done that before! At that moment, vacation happiness might falter, and a stressful reality sinks in.

On some occasions, you may return from exciting holidays with relatives and friends, only to be shocked by the condition of your home due to problems with the plumbing system. That can be quite embarrassing, and you may even regret the idea of ever going on a vacation or returning with your relatives. However, do you know that you can get ahead of the situation and still enjoy your holiday?

When planning for an extended trip out of town, you ought to prepare your home to function normally during the time that you will be away. Before leaving, take time to survey your home and engage a plumber while at it. You can prevent multiple problems if you let your local professional within the area inspect and deliver plumbing services that will keep your home in check before returning from that hard-earned vacation. Here are some plumbing services that your plumber can work on when the time comes.

Examine leaks

Imagine the excitement of going on vacation, but you detect a leak in your plumbing system before leaving. Since you might be away for long, you decide to shut off the water main switch. After all, who will be there to use the system? However, you forget that you have a flower bed that needs watering even in your absence! Think about how your backyard will look like when you get back. All that hard work on your flower garden will go down the drain in a split second.

Regardless of how long you will be away for your vacation, it is advisable not to shut down the water supply. Instead, engage a plumber to inspect the piping system and fix any leak. You can also make arrangements with them to visit your home at intervals and shut on and off the water valves to avoid blockages. In doing so, you will not have to worry about your flower bed or any other farming practices you carry out, while you are on your vacation.

Troubleshoot garbage disposal

Nothing is as disappointing as leaving a fresh home only to return from your vacation to an awful stench emanating from your garbage disposal system. It can be quite embarrassing, especially if you return with a relative or a friend. And as it is human nature to rush and try and fix problems, you may end up causing a much worse garbage situation in your lovely home.

Before leaving for a long and extended vacation, it is healthy to engage a plumber to inspect the garbage disposal system and fix any potential plumbing problems. A seasoned professional will have the skills necessary to clean your garbage, using chemicals whenever necessary.

Check drains and gutter problems

Summer storms around the Conway, SC, area are unpredictable since they come and go quickly. However, the water that comes with these storms remains behind on the gutters once the weather clears. That poses a threat as leaks may develop from corrosion. Likewise, if there is no water running through the drains for long, they may clog and, in turn, cause a very unpleasant smell.

To avoid the above problem, you should hire a plumber to inspect and remove debris from the gutters that may cause roof leaks. Ensure that they also check your drains and fix any underlying issues. It is critical to seek the services of a licensed and experienced professional as they are likely to know their craft and deliver professional services. That way, you can be sure to come back to a fresh-smelling home.

Sump pump inspection

Weather forecast data can always help you to plan for a vacation. However, think of the unexpected weather patterns, changing from sunny to rainy while you are away. At that juncture, you remember that your basement floods, and worse still, you left before checking if the sump pump was functional. You might get stressed up and fail to enjoy your vacation from then onwards.

Before leaving, it will be beneficial to invite a seasoned plumber to inspect the state of your sump pump. Otherwise, you may return and find your house has turned into a swimming pool. And with that, there will be a lot of damage to your home and belongings that will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. Why not get help from an expert plumber before that eventuality happens?


Did you know that the faucets are the next most used plumbing systems after toilets? Well, think about the number of times you turn your bathroom tap on and off. Like all things, over time and with each use, the components begin to break down. Even a small drip or leak can add up to a huge water bill!

You will not want to incur the extra water bill costs after your vacation. After all, you haven’t used up even a single drop of that water! It will suit you to let a plumber examine your faucets to expose and fix any drips, leaks, or stains. So when you get back from your vacation, you will marvel at the utility costs for the month.

Temperature settings

Water heating services may not serve you any purpose when you are away, beyond amounting extra electricity bills. Similarly, extreme cold can damage your piping system due to frozen water clogging and causing the pipes to burst.

Temperature setting appears to be an easy task upon mention. But if an untrained person handles it, further damages may arise. The professional can also inspect the hot and cold water connections to see if there is evidence of corrosion, which can indicate leaks, and offer the necessary solutions.

Contact the experts; Seasoned plumbers 

If you are going away for a vacation, the above information will be vital to put into consideration before leaving. You can visit or call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for more information on how to prepare and plan for plumbing services before an extended trip. We service the Conway, SC, region, and beyond.


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