Common Plumbing Problems During Summer: Discernment From Your Local Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Plumbing Problems During Summer: Discernment From Your Local Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Some people believe that plumbing problems usually arise during the winter period due to the sudden and uneven contraction of sewers and drain pipes or frozen water that causes pipe bursts. As such, homeowners tend to find themselves being keen on their plumbing system during the cold season only and fail to note that the drain sinks or toilet flushing systems can sustain damages any time of the year.

As the summer season approaches, you might tend to start enjoying the warmer weather and feel like everything is perfect. It’s at this time that homeowners get frequent visitors and hold weekend parties. And while you’re enjoying a good time in the backyard with guests, the plumbing system might just be suffering from working more than usual.

Your thoughts might probably not drift to your plumbing problems, and you might not even think of prioritizing inspection and repair services. That can lead to excessive use of plumbing facilities without proper maintenance. As a result, the system can become prone to wear and tear since it is used more often as opposed to the winter period.

Keeping in mind that plumbing problems are more likely to occur in the summer than during the winter comes with multiple advantages. The awareness will help you make the necessary prior arrangement of tackling and solving plumbing problems, including sourcing for a plumber, should they arise in your home. The following is a survey of common plumbing problems that are likely to occur during the summer season.

Blocked toilets

During summer, your family might always be at home, especially with the schools closing. Due to their presence, toilet visits tend to be more than usual, leading to the added flushes that increase wear and tear on flappers, chains, and handles. That might force you to contact a plumber for repairs sooner than anticipated.

It can be very frustrating and stressful to have your entire family at home, and the flushing system just collapses. To avoid toilet plumbing problems, encourage your family to always be on the lookout for any system failure. And when you discover faults, engage your plumber as soon as possible to fix the issue.

Sump pump problems

A sump pump is a crucial device that keeps the basement dry during floods. Remember that it also rains during summer, at times in massive unexpected downpours that can turn into floods. If a sump pump is faulty, then even very light rain can transition into a flooding disaster. Floods can be daunting to manage, especially when you own a basement that is prone to flooding. And that can ruin your summer!

Regular attention and service from a professional technician can always stop such a problem from happening. Always seek advice and help from your local professional around Myrtle Beach, SC, as the summer approaches with its destruction.

Clogged garbage disposal

To some people, summer is the best time to eat and dine together. However, hosting more guests at your house means more food materials ending up as waste, and this leads to lots of leftover foods in the garbage drains. Oil from cooking can also cause clogs into your disposal system.

Clogged garbage disposal is likely to be prevalent during the summer period. So if you are looking forward to a summer full of pomp and splendor, you ought to put into consideration where you can get a reliable plumber around Myrtle Beach, SC, who can solve any plumbing problem when needed.

Sprinkler troubles

You may have a beautiful flower garden in your backyard and might be utilizing a sprinkler system to keep the grounds in splendid condition. The in-ground sprinkler systems are vulnerable since something as minor as a misplaced foot can fracture the sprinkler and cause a leak. The leak can be hard to detect since the sprinkler’s job is to spray water. Other common sprinkler problems to watch out for during summer include clogging, misdirected water, and broken connections.

It will be beneficial to consult an expert plumber as they will take time to check your sprinklers for damages and leaks, fine-tune the fixtures, and restore them to good shape. And with that, you can be sure that every drop counts!

Washing machine overload

People are more likely to work on laundry during the summer season than in the winter period. That implies that the washing machine will have extra tasks to perform, and in doing so, leaks are likely to develop. Heavy loads can also lead to blockage and overflows.

A hose leak will not only increase your water bill, but it can also flood your home! Therefore, you should not set the machine to wash then leave it unattended. You ought to use your appliance when you are free and available to detect any arising faults. Whenever a problem occurs, a certified plumber can help detect and fix leaks, clogs, or cracks.

Sewer line backups

Have you ever detected a foul smell stemming from your basement? That can be quite distressing more so when you have guests around. And have you put a thought on where that stench could be coming from or why it is present? The culprit could be the drains or water backing up in the shower or bathtub.

Heavy rain during summer causes serious plumbing problems that worsen when excessive rain soaks into the dry ground. That brings with it loose soil that gets into your pipes through small cracks, causing the sewer line to clog and a subsequent backup. Tree roots can also get into the sewage system, making small cracks larger and causing the same sewer backup scenario mentioned. It is always advisable to call your plumber if you experience water backing up your toilet or bath.

Contact an expert plumber!

The above guide clearly shows that summer plumbing problems are equally as important as the winter issues. Do not let summer plumbing woes get you down, and more importantly, never underestimate or ignore them. Whatever your issue is, a bit of plumbing attention from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach can stop the problem from occurring and ruining your summer holiday in your home. Contact our plumbers for advice and repair services whenever you have plumbing problems.


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