Water Line Repair: What Is Damaging Your Water Line? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Water Line Repair: What Is Damaging Your Water Line? | Myrtle Beach, SC

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An average home in the United States uses about 300 gallons of water daily, with over 70% of this being indoor uses. Water facilitates many household activities, including dishwashing, laundry, cooking, and showering. Therefore, life at your Myrtle Beach, SC home is much more convenient and comfortable when there is enough water supply.

A water line is your home’s clean water inlet, delivering water from the utility provider to your home. This means if it malfunctions, the comfort you had quickly turns into stress and frustration. Therefore, the plumbing fixture must be kept in a functional state to ensure that daily routines at your home go on uninhibited. Enlisting the services of a water line repair company to maintain your plumbing system is one way of ensuring this.

There are many adverse consequences of a damaged or leaking water line. From high water bills and compromising the integrity of your home to the inconveniences at your home, water line damage can be a nightmare to any home. Therefore, being conversant with what can damage your water line can help you take steps to protect this vital plumbing. Below are the leading causes of water line leaks and damages.

Ground Shifts

During the installation of the water line by the plumbers, it is assumed that the soil’s existing condition will remain more or less the same. This means few to no foreseeable changes are expected in the future. However, the case is different. With time, the ground shifts cause the soil layers to start moving, disrupting the course and shape of the water line.

To remedy these issues, you need the services of a professional water line repair expert. Such repairs cost you a fortune while also causing inconvenience. The soil erosion around your compound might place undue pressure on the water line, exposing it to various factors that may increase the rate of physical deterioration.

Enlist the services of a reliable water line repair technician in Myrtle Beach, SC, to prevent such occurrences. The plumber will evaluate the layout of your compound in determining what ground movements have occurred and how they may have affected your plumbing. The plumber will also consider what kind of future movements are likely to happen.

Residue and Mineral Accumulation

Different places have varying mineral deposit concentrations, also called scale deposits. Frequent hot water use increases the presence of scale deposits in the water line. When the water is heated, the mineral suspended in the water precipitates after vaporization.

At the preliminary stages, the build-up of minerals poses minimal to no threat to the water line. However, you may begin to notice low water pressure, accelerated deterioration of the components of your water line, and clogging. Enlisting the services of a water line repair expert can help you deal with the water line problems caused by mineral accumulation.

You can opt to partially replace the damaged parts of the water line or request the water line repair technician for comprehensive water line cleanup. The plumber will also recommend you install a water softener to reduce the effects of water hardness.

Natural Factors

Moles, rats, beavers, among other rodents, can compromise the integrity of the water line system at your home. They may damage the piping network based on the setup of the plumbing interface. Pests and rodents damage your waterline below the ground and from above. Hence, be on the lookout for these rodents.

Nature may also damage your water line when roots find their way and penetrate it as time lapses. This problem is common for homes with lots of vegetation in their yard. The tree roots can penetrate and thrive within your water line, blocking it and ultimately breaking down the pipe connections. Although water line repair can be daunting under these circumstances, a plumber will provide a long-lasting and helpful solution.

When the plumbers finish inspecting the water line and have located the damage or leak, they might repair the minor leaks or recommend cutting the vegetation whose roots have penetrated the water line. They will also recommend replacing the cracked sections.

Corrosive Soils

Did you know that soil can damage your water line? Most homeowners underestimate or do not know that soil can damage their water line and other plumbing fixtures. Some soils have chemical properties that favor corrosion, meaning that the corrosion of your metallic water line starts almost immediately. The corrosion may result in water line leakages if left unchecked, hence needing a water line repair technician.

Depending on the water line material, some corrode faster than others. An experienced plumber will advise you against iron, steel, and copper water lines. The three tend to corrode upon coming into contact with underground and soil. The plumbers recommend using more economical and newer PVC or CPVC pipes that are non-corrosive and don’t react with water.

The metallic water lines corrode more if the soil in your locality is clay. This is because clay is among the most acidic soils due to its high chlorine concentration. The water line repair technicians have the equipment and materials to measure the soil’s pH to determine its acidity.

Constantly Fluctuating Temperatures

Water line leakages and damage may stem from the extreme fluctuations in outdoor temperatures. Even a change of 10 degrees may harm the plumbing system at your home. Thawing and Freezing action within the water line is the leading cause of damage to this vital plumbing fixture.

Fortunately, enlisting the services of a water line repair expert opens a wide range of solutions to this menace. The plumbers can insulate the pipes to prevent the constant thawing and freezing of water within these pipes in the alternating cold and hot weather. They can also inspect your plumbing system to identify the damaged parts before repairing or replacing the section. Therefore, it is vital to include the plumber in your water line maintenance plans.

A water line is vital to your home; that is no denying. It is the backbone of your home’s entire plumbing system; from the water you use for laundry, bath, toilet, cooking, and even draining the wastes away, all that water comes in through the water line. Therefore, ensure that it is in its optimal operating mode by hiring a plumber to maintain it to prevent inconveniences at your home. If you need water line repair services for your Myrtle Beach, SC, Home, don’t hesitate to call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach.


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