6 Gas Oven Issues That Our Gas Appliance Repair Service Technicians Can Help Resolve | Myrtle Beach, SC

6 Gas Oven Issues That Our Gas Appliance Repair Service Technicians Can Help Resolve | Myrtle Beach, SC

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For many homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, natural gas is a popular and safe choice for powering outdoor and indoor appliances like water heaters or ovens. Natural gas is economical, eco-friendly, and reliable. Natural gas has a lower carbon footprint compared to coal or oil. Natural gas is also cheaper compared to electricity. Considering all this, we can confidently say that gas-powered appliances are essential and among the cheapest appliances to have at your home.

However, like all other household appliances, gas appliances are also damage-prone or develop some mechanical issues that make it necessary to enlist the assistance of a gas appliance repair service. Their professionals can help restore your gas appliance to maximum efficiency with maintenance and repairs.

Routine preventative maintenance repair is important in extending your gas appliance lifespan. It also helps save you some money on entire or part replacements and gas utility bills. Below are some of the malfunctions with your gas oven that our technicians can resolve.

1. Broken Pilot Light

The pilot light is a small flame that lights the gas that comes out of the main burner. The water heater will not work if the pilot light goes out. The gas appliance repair service technicians have the experience to ensure the area surrounding the pilot light is clean and free from debris and dirt.

The gas repair technicians will also replace the pilot light if broken to ensure that the gas oven remains in optimal condition. It will help extend its service life, making you avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future. Sometimes, the installations may be wrong, and an inexperienced oven technician may install a malfunctioning pilot light. In such circumstances, an experienced gas appliance repair technician can help you replace the pilot light with a high-quality one, according to the instructions from the oven’s manufacturer.

2. Weak Flames

Does your burner frame light up weakly? This may suggest there is a problem with the gas supply system. Damaged supply lines, leaking pipes, or clogged portholes could cause a weak flame. You need to contact a licensed gas appliance repair service for prompt intervention if you notice this issue. The technicians will inspect the oven to identify the problem and resolve it.

Instincts may suggest you try resolving the issue yourself. However, there are many reasons why this is a terrible idea. You could find yourself messing up, even more, making the oven more defective, or causing a fire that may cause property loss, bodily harm, or even death. If you worsen the issue, you will ultimately require repair services and pay more for the repair.

Regardless, DIY gas repair works could result in costly damages and bodily harm. Hence, enlisting for professional gas repair services is the best option. The technicians have extensive training in safely handling electrical and gas appliances. Call the technician immediately if you notice a weak flame.

3. Clicking Gas Stove

When you rotate the burner’s stove, it produces a clicking sound. That sound is an indicator that the electric igniter is lighting the burner. However, immediately the flame appears, this sound should not be heard. If the clicking sound is persistent, that is a sign of a problem with the appliance. During routine appliance maintenance inspection visits, a gas appliance repair service should diagnose and remedy the issue. They may replace the spark plug and the igniter, burner realignment, or remove the food debris from the igniter.

4. Gas Smell

Do you smell gas in your oven? A gas-smelling oven is among the most dangerous problems with your gas oven. Gas odors normally are a sign of a leak within your oven. They may stem from loose burner connections, cracked gas supply lines, or when users improperly turn off the gas burners. If the gas leaks for an extensive period, it may cause property destruction and fire when the electrical appliance is turned on or ignited unknowingly.

Enlisting the help of a gas appliance repair service in Myrtle Beach, SC, is vital in solving the underlying problem before it quickly turns into a full-blown catastrophe. The technicians will open the gas burner, identify any issue and replace or repair the faulty parts. Gas Odors compromise your indoor air quality. To avoid such problems, enlist the technician’s help to create a routine maintenance plan for the gas oven.

5. Non-igniting Gas Burners

If there is no flame when you turn on your ignitor, the burner might be having an underlying issue. This defect may be caused by a lack of gas flow or a loose connection. The other cause may be a spoilt ignition button that produces the spark which lights the gas.

Gas appliance repair service technicians can help identify the cause of this problem and either replace the failing ignition part or reconnect the loosely connected pipes. You must seek help from a gas appliance repair service immediately you realize there could be a poor connection because it could cause gas leaks that could prove catastrophic. The gas appliance repair companies can also remove the dirt and debris from the oven’s ignitor to efficiently work.

6. Malfunctioning Oven Doors

Do your oven doors shut? If they don’t, do not use the oven. A malfunctioning oven door could make the use of this gas appliance unsafe. Experts will help you avoid the problems with defective doors by creating a routine gas appliance repair service plan and implementing it in your home. The maintenance and inspection plan comprises replacing the shuttered springs, cleaning the rusty hinges, applying silicone or gasket correctly around the doors, or greasing and oiling the movable parts.

Regular inspection also ensures that the oven door’s sensors are in their best conditions. If the oven doors are in perfect working condition, you will not be worried when baking or cooking at your home. This also extends the oven or gas burner’s lifespan.

Trusted Gas Appliance Repair Service In Myrtle Beach, SC

A gas oven is a vita appliance inside your kitchen. Hence, it would help if you did everything possible to ensure it is appropriately and optimally functioning. Without a routine maintenance plan from a professional gas appliance repair service, it may spring leaks and other problems in your home. You can avoid these inconveniences by reaching out to Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach for all your gas appliance solutions. Call us today in case you notice either of the issues above.


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