Unclogged: What to Know About Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Unclogged: What to Know About Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Myrtle Beach, SC knows the dangers of a clogged drain. Drain cleaning service is critical in keeping your drains free of debris, and the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help.

Drains that slow the passage of water, make gurgling noises, or emit strange and stinky odors are all signs that it’s time to seek professional drain cleaning service. Even frequent clogs and massive back ups point to the need to seek professional drain cleaning service from a plumber, and what better place to call than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC.

Toilets that overflow on a much more frequent basis can also be a sign that it’s time to have your drains inspected and cleaned. Any problem such as a clogged drainage system can only worsen over time, thus leading to the possibility of slab leaks and other interior disasters.

But multiple clogs not only happen in the bathroom, they can take place in other plumbing areas of your home as well. When the water appears to leak very slowly or gets backed up into other areas of your home’s plumbing system, the culprit is most likely a clogged drain that needs to be addressed as soon as possible by a plumber. In fact, it’s most likely time for drain cleaning service.

Other problems that signify a need for drain cleaning service include drain clogs that occur at a much greater frequency than is normal. If you notice that you are applying your plunger more often to your sinks, tub, shower, or toilet, then odds are your issues have escalated to the point to where a plunger is no longer sufficient for your plumbing woes. It may be high time to call for professional drain cleaning service.

Whether it’s an emergency or not, the professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin will always have your back. In fact, they offer a comprehensive explanation of why your drains may need cleaning and how it can be done by one of their plumbers.

One of the safest methods that a plumber can use to de-clog your drain is for the plumber to use a mechanical snake. This preliminary method is most commonly used in bathroom fixtures where hair and bath tissue get stuck in a drainage area with no way out. With tubs and showers, this is especially a common problem, as they are the most common areas where hair is washed and possibly combed. And with the bathroom sink comes a makeshift salon where haircuts are given, thus offering up even more opportunity for a hair clog into the drainage system of your sink.

An odor that emanates from your kitchen drain could be the result of trapped food that has spoiled over the course of time. Once you notice that horrible stench, the only thing left to do is to call for an inspection and an estimate on drain cleaning service.

Spotting fruit flies near your kitchen sink is another sign that points to the need to have your drains cleaned. As you may already know, fruit flies are typically attracted to food that is on the verge of spoiling, and, like so many other household pests, they have the potential to reproduce at an exponential rate. Therefore, the only way to eliminate them is to have your kitchen drains cleaned and free of grease and food.

You may turn off your sink, shower, or other plumbing device, only to find that you are standing in water roughly five minutes to an hour later. Many times this issue can be resolved with a simple maintenance order, and calling on a professional plumber makes a whole world of difference. A sound that resembles rushing water or a loud gurgle also point to the potential for the need for professional drain cleaning service, and a plumber from Benjamin Franklin can do so without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.

One of the top reasons to have your drains cleaned by a plumber at Benjamin Franklin is the inspection process. During this initial phase, a tiny camera is attached to the end of a snake, which is fed down into the pipe and towards your drain. Once there, it will take several snapshots of the damage done, then it is reviewed by the plumber prior to the onset of the plumbing work itself. This inspection is very thorough and allows for the plumber to review the damage and provide an assessment of the outcome needed to clean your pipes.

And with a comprehensive and thorough inspection can come the clearest of results. When the camera is deployed into the drainage system, the plumber can see first hand the type of interior damage that’s done over time. A close view of the interior pipes may allow better vision for the damage that’s been done as the result of grease and oil accumulation along the walls of the pipe, plus any food, hair, or other foreign substances or objects that may have gotten lost in the drains.

Tangible objects such as hair, jewelry, or small toys can be easily plucked out by the use of a mechanical snake. Even small utensils or pieces of cloth can be pulled with this handy device.

Any other substance may require the use of an intense water pressure system known as hydro jetting. This type of drain cleaning service allows the plumber to exert so many pounds of water pressure to blast away hardened grease, dirt, soil, and other thick solids that no ordinary snake can get as easily. But either way you choose, good drain cleaning service with Benjamin Franklin’s need never involve the use of toxic chemicals.

Regular drain cleaning maintenance can extend the life of your plumbing system and have you enjoying your water in the years to come. Peace of mind comes with the fact that you can prevent further drain clogs from recurring, and the professional team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will always have your back. All you need to do is call or visit their website and schedule a visit today.


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