Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service? 5 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Drains for Summer | Myrtle Beach, SC

Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service? 5 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Drains for Summer | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The excitement you get each year when summer is on the horizon never seems to fade. Thoughts of alfresco cook outs, splashing around in the water and getting a great tan are almost enough to overshadow the inevitable spring clean. While it’s not fun to think about scrubbing the drains — or behind the toilet — once done, you can look forward to the sunny months guilt-free. If scum has built up over the winter months, or the drains are getting clogged, now is the time to enlist the help of a drain cleaning service.

Most people associate blocked drains with the wet, cold months of fall and winter. However, summer throws up its own unique challenges. One thing that can be particularly awful about summer blockages is the smell, so it’s definitely something to avoid. Get prepared and keep the drains cleared throughout spring and winter while plants and trees are growing. That way, there won’t be a backlog of leaves and detritus once the fall comes.

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1. Check the Faucets

Whether you’re staying at home for the summer or heading to your vacation home, you should make sure your faucets are all functioning correctly. Dripping faucets and low water pressure are two of the main reasons why people in Myrtle Beach, SC, call in drain cleaning services. If you’re concerned because your sink or bath isn’t filling up very quickly, it’s likely due to water pressure. Dripping faucets can damage the fixtures in the sink, and they’re easy for a plumber to fix. The leak usually occurs because the washer wears down and prevents you from being able to turn it off and on.

You can also check the water lines by turning each one on and off. Listen out for any unusual sounds, like creaking or banging. If you do detect an issue, you may need to call a drain cleaning service to check all of the pipes and drains are in full working order.

2. Inspect Your Plumbing

As a homeowner, you should inspect your plumbing at least once a year. We’d recommend looking at it once towards the beginning of spring and once towards the end of summer. That way, you can take your time to carefully check everything is in order on a dry day, with time to call in the help of a drain cleaning service before bad weather sets in, if necessary.

Examine any exposed pipework — especially in the time just after winter. The cold weather can lead to cracks in the pipes from where cold water freezes and expands. Constant expanding and contracting from severe weather is one of the leading causes of leaking pipes. While you’re carrying out the inspection, check for moldy, green, mossy or damp areas near the pipes — excessive growth of this kind is a sign of a potential leak.

3. Clean Every Drain

When you’re doing a deep clean, remember not to just focus on the bits people can see. Don’t forget the pipes, drains, behind the toilet and in the u-bend of the sinks! Don’t be fooled by the mesh guard that protects some drains from the build-up of larger items such as leaves. Remove the guards and clean them thoroughly, because bigger dirt can break down into smaller pieces and clog the drains. If you’ve removed a drain cover and come across an almighty blockage, get the help of a plumbing company that provides a drain cleaning service.

Drain cleaning means making sure the toilet is in top condition, too. Clean behind the unit and check the cistern hasn’t accumulated grime. Once the toilet is clean, you can check no slow leaks are lurking, waiting until you’re least suspecting it and then turning into a big leak. You can check by adding food coloring into the water tank located behind. If the color starts seeping into the toilet bowl for a few minutes — it’s likely that you have a leak. To repair this problem, you’ll need to replace the flapper. If you’re unsure of how to do this yourself, call a drain cleaning service to help.

4. Empty the Gutters

Gutters are essential because they filter rainwater away from your roof, preventing the accumulation of moisture that can lead to damp and leaks. If your gutter becomes clogged with leaves and debris, blockages can cause water to overflow and find its way onto your walls or ceilings. Like the rest of the drains, we recommend cleaning the gutters twice per year. With guttering, once at the beginning of spring and once at the end of fall is advisable. During spring, pollen and seeds can build-up and during fall, leaves are the offenders.

If you’re not comfortable working at heights, we’d recommend calling in a professional drain cleaning service to help you clear the gutters.

5. Turn Off the Mains When You Go on Vacation

One of the best ways to protect yourself from disasters when you go away is by turning off the main water supply. It’s not in use while you’re away, so leaving it turned on serves no purpose other than being a potential risk. It takes less than five minutes to do and could save you a fortune in repairs. Few things are worse than the idea of coming back from a lovely vacation and finding water leaking through the floors or walls and damaging your belongings and furniture.

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