Types and Tips to Buy the Best Water Filtration System in Little River, SC

Types and Tips to Buy the Best Water Filtration System in Little River, SC

There is no doubt that water is life, but it may not be true for every water source. On the contrary, some water sources can carry grave health hazards, which may lead to life-threatening condition. The worst part is that water we use in our houses everyday can have many contaminants and pollutants that are absolute ‘disease inviters’.

The contaminants and pollutants include bacteria, chlorine, copper, fluoride, iron, lead, rust particles, parasites, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and microbes. To deal with such a serious issue, there are water filtration systems available. The variety of these systems can have the capacity of filtering from a few glasses of water to the whole house’s water supply.

To ensure the safety of yourself and your family, installation of a water filtration system in Little River, SC is not merely ‘the need of the hour’ but ‘the need of the whole life’. In this post, we will discuss the available types of water filtration systems, and tips to buy the best one that can keep your family healthy, always.

Types of Water Filtration System in Little River, SC

At present, the following types of water filtration system are on the market.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

It’s extremely proficient at removing various types of particles and contaminants, as its semipermeable membrane with super tiny holes trap them. The best one you can find is a 5-stage filtration system:

  • This system can easily fit under the sink, so you don’t have to manage special space for its installation.
  • Depending on brand, it can last from six months to one year.
  • It’s a little complicated in use as compared to other options on this list. However, it is an absolute peace of mind as you are 100% sure that you and your family members are drinking the purest water.
  • Its installation may require a professional service for water filtration system in Little River, SC.


A countertop water filtration system can remove impurities and chemicals from water that goes through it. It is simple and effective and can give the supply of pure drinking water till you empty the main water supply tank or source:

  • It has a replaceable carbon cartridge that can reduce contaminants like lead, heavy metals, bacteria, etc.
  • It is simple to use, as its diverter valve replaces the faucet’s aerator. You can simply screw off the aerator and screw on filter’s diverter valve, and there you are.
  • This gives quite fast flow rate.


  • It’s a small water filter with a capacity of eight cups to a gallon.
  • It uses a carbon filter to trap contaminants.
  • It’s portable, so you can carry it during travel or on picnics.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It requires a few minutes to filter water.

Shower Head

It is a filter to fit between showerhead and shower stem. The installation is extremely simple and may not require any tool at all. The filtration process occurs with the help of carbon or oxidation reduction. It can decrease sediment, chlorine taste, and bad smell.

Whole House

As its name implies, it is connected to the main water supply pipelines, thus, it makes clean water come through every faucet and shower in the house. It can alternate the entire options on this list:

  • It needs little to no maintenance. The only thing it needs is filter replacement. A good filter can last for a year.
  • It’s a durable system and can last for a decade.
  • It doesn’t affect water pressure.
  • For installation, you will need a professional service for water filtration system in Little River, SC.

Tips to buy the Best Water Filtration System in Little River, SC

Since you are taking this step to ensure health safety of your family, don’t make a rushed decision. The whole house water filtration system is quite a tempting option, but you may not need it right now. The tips below will help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying the best water filtration system in Little River, SC:

Quantity of Water You Need to Filter

To decide this factor, take the following points in consideration:

  • First of all, count your family members.
  • Secondly, consider the area(s) where you want filtered water.
  • If you are a small family and need a filter for drinking water only, a pitcher or a countertop can suffice.
  • For clean water supply through every faucet, the whole house water filter will be the best choice.

Determine the Contaminants and Pollutants

All water filtration systems are not created equal. So, get the water sample tested at a lab. The report will reveal all the contaminants and pollutants. When you are at the shop, ask the seller if the water filtration system in Little River, SC you want to buy can be effective against them.

Portable or Fixed

If you own the house, you have absolute liberty to choose either portable or fixed. Determine your requirements and pick the product.

The renters may go for the portable ones. If you really want to go for the fixed one, discuss with your property owner first.


As a matter of fact, maintenance is not a big concern pertaining to water filtration system in Little River, SC. However, the filter requires replacement. Inquire about filter’s life, so that you don’t have to frequent expense for filters.

How to install a water filtration system in Little River, SC?

Among these types, you can see a variety of sizes to serve the desired purpose. The pitcher water filter is portable, so it does not require any installation. You buy it, bring it home, and start using to enjoy filtered water. If you have bought the whole house water filter, it’s advised that you hire a professional company for installation. Benjamin Franklin is the best company for water filtration system in Little River, SC.

We are a professional company and can do all types of plumbing jobs, i.e., installation, maintenance, and repair. We can also provide you with periodic inspection services for your water filter and plumbing systems, give suggestions for necessary fixes, and do the fixes upon request as well. We are well-equipped with the latest technologies and tools, which make us the best choice for water filtration system in Little River, SC.


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