Common Reasons for a Slab Leak in Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Reasons for a Slab Leak in Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumbing leaks are one of the most common issues faced by homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC. Such leaks may be found in the ground or in the foundation of concrete slabs as well. As per the plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC, slab leaks are one of the most problematic plumbing issues to deal with as they are hard to detect.

While you may think that you cannot have a slab leak issue because the pipes are protected with concrete, you might be wrong. There could be many telltale signs of a slab leak that you may fail to notice.

But the question is; what causes a slab leak in the first place?

Well, as per the expert plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC, a slab leak occurs when the pipes underneath or inside the foundation of your house start to leak. These leaks appear insignificant and small at first. However, if they remain neglected and if you fail to fix them in a timely manner, they could lead to significant damage and heavy repair cost.

Another reason to fix the slab leak issue in a timely manner is that an unattended slab leak may saturate the soil underneath your house, make your house floor uneven and may sink it into the ground. However, the only way to prevent your house from suffering such a fate is to deal with the slab leak issue pro-actively and in a timely manner.

As per the plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC, there are many causes for a slab leak in a house. Let us have a look at the primary causes of slab leak in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The Major Causes of Slab Leak in Myrtle Beach, SC

Here are the causes of slab leak that require immediate assistance of plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Improper Construction

The most common cause of slab leak observed by plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC is the improper installation or the use of poor-quality pipes. Oftentimes, a proper pipe may get kinked, dented or bent during the installation process. This affects the pipes and may eventually lead to a leak. What’s worse, this can also result in a potential burst due to the abrasive properties of a consistent water flow.

In particular, pipes made of copper are at a higher risk of undergoing corrosion. This is because these pipes are softer and naturally more vulnerable to various elements. If your house is new you can get away with the slab leak problem by hiring plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC for a repair. However, if the house is old then you need to install new pipes as the repair fix will not continue for a long time.

Outside Pressure

Many homeowners believe that the only pressure that leads to slab leak is the water pressure but this is not true. When soil underneath your house foundation moves, it also slightly shifts the house, putting excessive pressure on pipes. This may happen due to;

  • An underground stream
  • An earthquake
  • Soil erosion

As per the plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC, slab leaks due to such kind of pressures always lead to potential damage. Also if the issue remains unchecked, this may also lead to a fair amount of flooding.

Poor Water Quality and Chemistry

While water pressure is just one reason for slab leaks, you should also keep a proper check on water’s pH level. The major reason for corrosion in pipes is the flow of either acidic or alkaline water. The excessively acidic water is also known as hard while the excessively alkaline water is known as soft. If the flowing water is highly acidic you can easily catch green or blue stains in your shower, bathtub, or sink. Moreover, you will easily notice a chlorine-like odor in these areas of your house.

So if there are signs of slab leak in your house and you are leaving it unchecked, this may lead to irreversible water damage. However, the normal pH level of water is between 6.5 and 8.5.


The plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC state that abrasion is another commonly reported cause of slab leak. When pipes, during their useful life, rub against gravel, concrete, some other material or even nearby pipes, this constant friction may cause them to wear down gradually and eventually spring leaks.

Normally, hot water pipes are more prone to abrasion. This happens when these pipes heat up, rub against surrounding gravel or concrete in the soil, and the constant friction results in a severe leak.


Another potential culprit that causes potential slab leak is time. When a house is old, the old galvanized or copper steel pipes are more at risk. For instance, corrosion is the basic reason that leads to a pipe leak. In fact, it is one of the most common issues that happen over time. Similarly, an extended period of pressure or stress on pipes also cause slab leak.

However, if you ensure regular and proper inspection of these pipes by hiring plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC then you can avoid the distressing issue of a slab leak. This is the best way to keep the pipes in top shape and to ensure their replacement or repair in a timely manner. In addition to that, you should keep a close eye on the tell-tale signs of a slab leak. This is important to fix the problem in a timely manner.

Most importantly, when you suspect a slab leak in your house, always hire the professional plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC to fix the issue. For this, you can hire the expertise of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Their team of professionals is highly experienced and well-versed in handling the most complex plumbing issues.

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