Trusted Plumbers of Myrtle Beach

Trusted Plumbers of Myrtle Beach

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There are few problems that match in stress when it comes to faulty plumbing. A sink backed up with last night’s dinner or a tub full of cold, soapy water can bring your family’s well-oiled routine to a screeching halt.

If you need a plumbing help during the evening hours or throughout the weekend, don’t panic! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the most trusted plumber in Myrtle Beach. Living near the beach comes with many perks of living close to ‘the Grand Strand.’

The Grand Strand describes 60 miles of incredible, continuous beach along the eastern coast. Access to this lavish, natural resource brings tourism dollars and reinforces the community with employment opportunities and exponential growth. However, sometimes living close to mother nature brings devastating storms that can damage your plumbing or sewage system.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing hires skilled technicians who know the area and the common issues that arise. Let’s discuss some of these potential issues and how our talented staff can help you resolve them for your home or business.

Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing can vary widely depending on where you live in Myrtle Beach, SC. Pipes and sewage lines can be made from different types of materials like copper, PEX or PVC.

The age and durability of your plumbing can depend on when it was installed, if it’s been properly maintained, and responsibly repaired. The location of your sanitation lines can also impact the health of your plumbing. Older homes on slab concrete can complicate issues and create complex challenges.

Here are a few examples of common sanitation issues:

  • Dripping faucets can cause a loss of multiple gallons of water in a single day. This means your water bill can increase rapidly and with each drip money pours down the drain. It’s best to resolve the problem immediately with a professional that’s been serving the Myrtle Beach, SC community for several decades while remaining the most trusted name in plumbing.
  • A damaged garbage disposal can make washing the dishes a pain, even if you have a dishwasher, a clogged garbage disposal can back up into connected appliances and prevent your dishware from being properly cleaned. The most frequent culprits for garbage disposal clogs are grease, animal bones, and foods like rice and pasta that create a paste-like glue. A plumber can easily detect the origin of the issue with a free camera inspection. Be careful clearing disposals.
  • Wonky water pressure can mean a few things. It’s vital to remember your plumbing system is connected to the main water and sewage lines. If the main sewage and water pipes have been impacted by local weather or a drop of service, a plumber can advise you on the best action to take to quickly resolve the problem.
  • Minerals like calcium can build-up from hard water coating the pipes and creating obstructions. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing specializes in preventing mineral blockages and can teach you how to protect your plumbing.
  • Slow drains can indicate there’s a surge of excess water in the main water pipes. Or a drain that sluggishly empties water may mean your plumber needs to irrigate the pipes to clear obstructions like hair, grease or feminine hygiene products.


“I’d come home from work one spring afternoon and decided to shower before meeting friends for dinner. I was showered with a stinky surprise. My water smelled like rotten eggs and made me gag. I turned off the tap and quickly got dressed. I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and they came out within an hour and quickly deduced that there was sulfur smelling bacteria coating the inside of my water heater.

The plumber was patient with me and helped me review all the options available to me. He even suggested I check the water heater’s warranty. A quick call to the manufacturer and I discovered my warranty covered a new water heater in this situation.

The friendly plumber had resolved my issue in time for me to take a non-stinky shower and meet my friends on-time. Now, I always call a Benjamin Franklin plumber whenever I’ve got a clogged drain or an annoying, dripping faucet.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Values

Less than half of the world’s population has access to sanitary plumbing. We understand what’s at stake when there’s a problem with your kitchen, bathroom, or with laundry appliances. Being clean is essential to living a healthy, happy life and without efficient, clean plumbing, it can be difficult to maintain those standards of living.

Fair Pricing

A technician we hire to represent us isn’t simply a plumber. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing tradesman must embody our values and respect our clientele like family and friends.

Community means fair and upfront pricing. We’ll discuss the costs associated with your repair or renovation while we complete an estimate. In the unlikely case that an unforeseen cost arises during the repair, we’ll defer to your judgment before adding to the cost of the job.

We’ll Leave the Work Area Spotless

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing continues education and on-the-job training throughout the life of their career with us. We make sure our employees pass a thorough background check, a drug test and are certified and licensed to work in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Our technicians respect your home and are outstanding professionals. A courteous plumber cleans up after themselves making certain the area is cleaner than when they arrived. Our technicians do not smoke, vape or cuss while in your home. They will mitigate noise to the best of their ability and once the task is complete will ask you to review their work.

Exceptional Service at an Affordable Price

Being an extraordinary plumber means taking pride in their skills while conducting themselves as a prized member of the community. In 2010, the UN General Assembly declared access to clean water a basic human right. Our staff understand the importance of plumbing to the people living in the Myrtle Beach, SC and throughout our great nation.


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