The Importance of a Water Filtration System | Garden City, SC

The Importance of a Water Filtration System | Garden City, SC

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Living near the Atlantic Ocean offers stunning views, seagulls and sunset views but storms can leave your plumbing prone to clogging and other issues. The community has relied on us since 1988 to help fortify their sanitation systems and plumbing.

We hire the best plumbing and water filtration system experts in the region. Our team remains committed to learning and evolving with the technology conducive to a greener planet. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers team members incentives to sharpen their skills throughout their careers.

The human body is 60 percent water. A person can live three weeks before perishing from hunger, but it only takes three or four days before a person succumbs without water.

Water is important to survival and the type of water that pours from our taps and fills our cups can dictate health and well-being.

We conduct tests on water content and hardness level. A water filtration system depends on the size of the family, exposure to the tap water and personal preferences.

Taste is an important feature of water. Many people claim there’s no taste to water but put a glass of hard water next to a filtrated glass of H2O, you’ll immediately taste the difference.

Healthy Water

Unfortunately,Garden City, SC, often has a boil advisory in effect. The tap water may not be safe to drink otherwise. A team of researchers from North Carolina University in the Wilmington region have found ‘1.4-dioxane’ in troubling amounts from samples along the coast. ‘1.4-dioxane’ is a byproduct of plastic production and a suspected carcinogen to humans.

A water filtration system can be an investment in you and your family’s long-term health. There are multiple options available for every budget that clean the water of the possible threats and encourage healthy behaviors with a crisp, clear taste.


“I’m a single mom with three boys all under the age of ten. I’ve been teaching Yoga since I was a teenager and learned about how hard metals effect the Pineal gland in a malfunctioning manner. Water is the most basic of needs and I want my boys to be water aficionados and to always turn to water to quench their thirst. I did some research and found Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Garden City, SC and setup an appointment to have my property’s water tested. Luckily, nothing was too nasty in our water and the friendly plumber presented me with several options. I was able to save enough to take the kids to the Low Country Zoo and had a little get away!”

Rachel Merin

“I own a chain of grow houses that raise organic herbs and specialty vegetables. Organic isn’t competitive enough in my industry and the quality of water we use to nurture our crops has to be a cut above my rival’s down the road. I turned to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in nearby Garden City, SC and they advised the best water filtration system to get the results I’m after. I’ve been using the cleaner water for the past six months and the Heirloom tomatoes are half a pound bigger than they usually are and the basil is growing by the bushel. I’m going to send a jar of fresh basil pesto to the technician who helped me select a water filtration system!

Chris Waters

Water Filtration System Options

The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is enthusiastic about making a water filtration system an integral part of life in Garden City, SC. They train in how to install under the sink options and water tanks, understand the materials they’re working with and who they work best for.

The water treatment plant operators do their level best to protect the Garden City, SC community from any threats that might exist in our water supply. However, the demand for clean water sometime exceed the availability and a lower quality H2O comes out of your faucet.

Knowing what your consuming is key to controlling your health. A water filtration system can remove minerals, bacteria and other waste from your glass. While an under the sink option is affordable, it’s best to hire a Benjamin Franklin plumber to install the filter for you. Otherwise, the water filtration system may not operate at an optimal level.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Services Include:

  • Free Camera Inspection for Every Estimate
  • Water Heater Installation & Repair
  • Well Patches
  • Drain Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Expansion Tank Installation
  • Pipe Break Repair & Replacements
  • Line Installation & Patching
  • Gas Leak & Slab Leak Remedies
  • Faucet Installation & Repair
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing
  • Emergency Services
  • Tank-less Water Heater Installation
  • Free Estimates & Recommendations
  • Yard Line & Water Leak Repairs

The Values of Our Founding Fathers

At the heart of our democracy is operating with integrity and transparency. A sense of fairness in our community that applies to everyone, no matter who they are.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing strives to emulate this fairness. We are upfront about the costs associated with the work we do. We’ll inform you of different options and possibilities that can impact the cost of the job.

We promise to get your authorization, in the unlikely event that an additional fee may present itself during the course of the task, before proceeding with the work.

An Exceptional Team

The people who work for us are the very best in plumbing and sanitation. Our contractors and technicians undergo a rigorous background check, random drug tests, and are NATE certified.

Our employees are bonded and insured and registered with the great state of Texas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing understands welcoming a tradesman into your home is an act of trust.

We want to ease your mind, that the people we hire are potential friends and vital community members who are proud of what they do. Our excellent customer service, expert technicians and affordable rates make us the most trusted plumber in the region.


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