Troubleshooting Water Heater Repair Problems | Conway, SC

Troubleshooting Water Heater Repair Problems | Conway, SC

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In the US, water heating accounts for about 18 percent of the total energy consumed by appliances in regular homes. Having a defective water heater means that you will not only have to deal with the inconvenience of using cold water for daily activities, but you might also incur high energy bills in the long run. Additionally, defective water heating systems may lead to home accidents such as skin burns due to overheated shower water. To evade such problems, homeowners ought to know how to identify heater issues that point them to seek water heater repair services from a certified professional and avoid long-term destructions. Here are some warning signs you should have in mind.

No hot water

You would probably get frustrated upon entering your bathroom with a set mind of having a hot shower, and the first ice-cold drops of water hit your head and back. A complete lack of hot water can be annoying, especially during a busy day. If you do not receive hot water in your bathroom or sinks, it may imply that your heating system could be having a hitch. Consider talking to a water heater repair specialist to fix the problem and return your appliance to its optimum functionality. With electric heaters, the issue could be a defective circuit breaker, while a damaged pilot light could be the cause of a malfunctioning gas water heater.

Water too hot

While no hot water may be a significant issue to homeowners, extremely hot water is among the most dangerous defects of water heating systems. It can lead to scarring on the skin and subsequently cost homeowners and their families high medical bills. The problem could stem from faulty or wrongly set thermostats or defective wiring. It would be wise to steer away from fixing the problem on your own since you may end up doing more damage than good. Instead, seek professional services from a repair technician to get a quick and long-lasting fix.

Inadequate water pressure

The purpose of having a showerhead is to take a warm or hot shower with convenience. If that is not the case, there must be something wrong with your hot water system. You would not want to spend more time showering due to low hot water pressure issues, yet you are late for your day-to-day activities, including official appointments. If or when that happens, you could be dealing with old plumbing pipes. Additionally, your plumbing system could have wrong-sized pipes, which may account for the water heater pressure issues. Rectifying the problem by yourself may seem stressful and tiresome, let alone dangerous. You can look for an experienced water heater repair technician to assess the root cause of the irregular hot water flow, and they may offer services such as the replacement of undersized pipes.

Hot water odor

Showering should make you clean and feel fresh afterward. However, imagine coming out of your shower reeking of a pungent smell. You might feel uncomfortable and blame your water supplier for providing poor quality water. Before embarking on the complaints road, get a repair technician to examine your water heating systems since it may be at fault. Solutions to that problem may include a comprehensive cleanup of your water heater by flushing it with water as well as anode rod replacement.

Leaking water heater

Water heater leakages are also a problem that homeowners ought to have the skills of identifying before it triggers advanced damages. Some of the reasons for water pooling or leakages on top of the water heaters could be loose outlet pipes and pressure and temperature release valves. Water may also leak from the bottom of electric heaters due to condensation and overflow pipes attempting to release high water pressure. It might seem easy to resolve these issues on your own, but doing what you are not conversant with could lead to adverse damages that cause you to incur reinstallation costs. Why not seek the services of a water heater repair specialist in Conway, SC, to get a quick fix and quality service?

Water heater makes noises

Strange popping and knocking noises emanating from the water heater might frighten someone, especially kids while taking a shower. The reason behind the disturbing noises could be deposited sediments at the bottom of the water heating tank’s interior. Alternatively, the accumulated scale on the surface of the water heater components could be the problem. Also, sometimes the noises occur due to escalating pressure inside the tanks, which causes them to bulge outwards. If you notice strange noises whenever you use hot water, contact your local water heater repair specialist to come and troubleshoot the exact problem and fix it.

Long wait times for water to reheat

Gas water heaters usually reheat twice in comparison to their electric counterparts. And considering different manufacturing brands, reheating durations differ. If you discover your water heater takes too long to reheat than the recommended time by its manufacturer, then the issue could be with the thermostats or that the system is aging. Also, for gas heaters, the location of the installation may not be suitable for its water heating operations. Make an effort to look for a water heater repair expert if you find out the wait times are irregular and long, and the expert will help you restore your shower comfort.

Dirty water

Clean water is essential for every home’s health. And with the increasing healthcare bill expenses, some homeowners work hard to ensure their homes are a safe residence for them and their families. If you notice dirty hot water flowing from your sink faucets and showers, the interior of your water heater or hot water supply pipes may have corrosion. Ignoring the problem can trigger bursts and subsequent water damage in your home. Whenever you notice water discoloration issues, talk to a plumbing professional with water heater repair knowledge to inspect and fix the water discoloration concerns.

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