Frequent Issues A Plumber Faces In Homes | Conway, SC

Frequent Issues A Plumber Faces In Homes | Conway, SC

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Plumbing systems are one of the essential components of any residential building since water is a requirement in almost every room in homes. If you live in Conway, SC, and you experience plumbing problems such as pipe bursts, it means your daily house chores routine will alter. And when unaddressed, the issues may transition to large ones, including indoor water damage and high water bills.

For instance, 10 percent of homes in the US have leakage problems that account for a daily water wastage of about 90 gallons of water. Homeowners should have the ability to identify plumbing problems and seek the services of a seasoned plumber to resolve the issues quickly. Below are some of the common plumbing system malfunctions in residential premises.

Leaking pipes

There are multiple reasons your plumbing system’s pipes may be leaking, and these include frozen water inside pipes, erroneous pipe laying, excess water pressure, debris logs, and pipe corrosion. The more time you take to contact a plumber to check and fix the leakage issue, the higher the risk of suffering multiple damages. For instance, the underground leaking pipes can cause damage to your home’s flooring, making you incur repair expenses. In some cases, you may have to replace the whole plumbing system. Thus, you should take immediate action if leaks occur in your home’s piping system by getting help from a professional.

Running toilets

Toilets account for about 30 percent of the total water consumed in an average US household. Being one of the leading water consuming plumbing appliances, you might incur exorbitant water bill expenses in case the water closets have defects such as running water. A running toilet can waste up to about 4.5 gallons of water per minute, totaling over 6,480 gallons in a day. That implies that you should take repair action immediately and contact an expert plumber whenever you notice the problem to eradicate water wastage and subsequent high utility bills. Some of the defects the professional can fix include worn out seals, flush valves, and flappers, as well as dysfunctional refill tubes and corroded water handles.

Low water pressure

Some homeowners invest extensively in purchasing quality plumbing appliances to grant them the comfort they wish for in their homes. Unluckily, they may still experience inconveniences such as low water pressure flowing from the faucets and showers. That problem can stem from unrepaired leaking pipes that have become corroded, and broken over time. Another cause of low water pressure is sediment build-up and mineral deposits on aerators. If you notice such problems in your home, consider talking to a professional and certified professional who can help in addressing the matter through services such as comprehensive aerator cleanups.

Sump pump failures

Sump pumps work to eliminate flooded water in the basements of homes, helping to prevent water damage to the buildings’ foundation. If your sump pump system is dysfunctional, it indicates that more problems are coming. You may have to deal with water damage in your home or to make matters worse, your whole house might collapse due to a weakened foundation. Repairing or reconstructing your home can be very stressful and money-draining in comparison to having a plumber look at and fix the root cause of basement flooding, which could be damaged sump pumps. Some of the causes of sump pump failures include improper sump pump installation, clogged drains, and stuck switches.

Clogged drains

Drains are among the vital components for an efficiently working plumbing system. It can be quite irritating to soak your feet in a pool of dirty water just after showering, the reason being, your bathroom drain is defective. Also, picture your kitchen sinks draining slowly whenever your family or friends come to visit. Embarrassing, right? The slow draining incidents can result from food remnants and congealed fat in kitchen sinks as well as soap and hair knots in shower and bathroom drains. If you notice any of the above problems, you can use a plunger to fix them, but that is a short-term solution. After plumbing your clogged or slow drain, schedule drain cleaning and repair service with your local plumber.

Sewer backups

A sewer backup is the last thing any homeowner can think of dealing with. Sewer backups can cause multiple home-dwelling discomforts, from odors and flooring damage to life-threatening health-related issues. With the relatively high costs of repairs, renting a premise while your home is under restoration, and hospital treatment, homeowners ought to get help from a plumber whenever they notice or suspect sewer problems. Some of the causes of that irritating problem include clogged sewers and slow draining toilets.

Dripping faucets

Leaks can cause a great deal of damage, including stained sinks, increased water bills, in the long run, annoying house dwellers due to the disturbing dripping sounds, and peeled off or bubbling paint on walls and ceilings. The drips can emerge due to worn-out or damaged O rings and washers on faucets. Other causes of leaks include improper faucet installation and corrosion of faucet interiors. If you experience the above problem, get help from a plumber who can check and repair the fixtures.

Jammed water heaters

Some if not all homes in the Conway, SC, region need hot water, especially during the winter season. Water heater issues are not easy to detect until cold water from your shower hits your body. Various reasons could make your water heater dysfunctional, including the installation of wrong sizes or types of heaters to meet your hot water needs, corrosion and sediment build-up in the system’s pipes and heating tanks, and faulty thermostats. You may consume much of your time trying to fix your heater by yourself, which can cost you further repair expenses due to extended damages. Why not seek the services of a qualified and experienced local plumber and get quality repair services?

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach provides multiple plumbing solutions, including installation and repair of plumbing appliances and fittings, whole-house repiping, and drain cleaning. If you experience any plumbing issues in your Conway, SC, home, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will assign you a diligent plumber who will sort your issues amicably.


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