Simple Fixes And Times To Be Cautious And Call A Gas Appliance Repair Service For Your Gas Stove | Myrtle Beach, SC

Simple Fixes And Times To Be Cautious And Call A Gas Appliance Repair Service For Your Gas Stove | Myrtle Beach, SC

There are a few things that homeowners can do to restore their gas stove to normal operation such as cleaning and reigniting the pilot light, but for the most part, these appliances require knowledgeable care to ensure that they operate safely, preventing problems with unburned gas or combustion products gathering in the kitchen. Even problems with lighting sealed burners can be a challenge, especially on modern units, because the igniters that create the spark and ignite the gas in the burner use high-voltage electricity which can cause a shock to someone untrained who is trying to work on it. Our gas appliance repair service has the knowledge and experience to take care of all your gas cooking appliances, from basic apartment stoves to gourmet cooktops and ovens. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, we know many of our customers enjoy cooking with gas, and we take pride in servicing their equipment so they can get the best results.

Cleaning Can Make a Significant Difference in Burner Reliability and Efficiency

Cleaning your cooktop including around your burners can help them light easier and burn more efficiently, with fewer parts of the element unlit or poorly burning. Don’t forget to lift the top and clean underneath from time to time. This can also help avoid grease fires.

Pilot Lights and Equivalents Are Different These Days

If you’re working with a new stove that came with your home or apartment, it’s important to get a copy of the manual, often available online, to understand some of the fundamentals of operation. One that you may not be used to is the modern types of ignition, which don’t always come from a standing pilot light, the kind that constantly burns. Modern intermittent ignition pilot lights create a spark to light the pilot light only when you’re getting ready to cook. These use a high-voltage power source that can be risky to work around, and also requires that your stove is plugged in and the circuit breaker is reset, along with the home’s power being turned on. The clock timer could also be shutting off stove operation, so give it a check.

Igniter-Based Systems and Burner Mixture Adjustments

Modern sealed-burner cooktops often have one igniter for each burner, too. If you are still having trouble with the burner ignition, our gas appliance repair service can test the individual igniters and the control module to identify the source of the problem and replace the necessary parts. Our gas appliance repair service can also adjust your pilot light mechanism if it’s giving you trouble, and also fine-tune your air shutter. This will give you better burner and oven efficiency, often the cause of noisy flames on your cooktop burners. When you call us, we can also adjust the gas in the burner mixture if needed, something you definitely should leave to us.

Unexpected Noises Can Be Part of Life with a Gas Oven, or Something to Stop and Call a Pro About

First of all, whenever your stove is behaving strangely, safety first. It’s better to call us or the gas company and find out what the problem was than take the chance of the problem being more hazardous than you expected. That being said, there are a few common problems you should know about. When your burners get noisy, it can be a matter of the air and fuel mixture which our gas appliance repair service can adjust, as we mentioned above. What about when your oven goes boom while you’re heating it up to bake or cook? If you’re new to gas ovens, this might catch you off guard. A common reason for this, if your oven is operating correctly and hasn’t accumulated gas, is simply the change in temperature causing metals inside the oven to flex. As they pop into a different shape, they can make a sudden boom like a kettle drum note, but with no other side effects. Louder, sharper bangs may be something more serious and should be investigated by a professional.

Gas Oven Thermostat Troubles

Problems with your gas oven’s thermostat can present themselves in a variety of ways. A faulty thermostat can even prevent your oven from working at all. Our gas appliance repair service can test your thermostat and make sure it’s working properly, and in some cases, you may want to have it replaced, moved, or recalibrated if it’s not producing the desired temperature you set. It’s not unknown for gas ovens with thermostat problems to be off from the desired temperature by different amounts at varying parts of the temperature range, too, such as 25 degrees high at 300F, right on at 375, and 25 degrees high again at 450. You’re not crazy, you just need to call our gas appliance repair service to correct the thermostat problem.

Your Oven Is Cooking Unevenly

Besides the obvious problems such as putting an oven rack in two different levels of slots so it tilts, pans left on other oven rack levels, or cooking multiple dishes at once, there could be problems with an old or defective igniter and poorly burning gas element that is preventing even heat distribution all around the oven chamber. Our gas appliance repair service can check all of these potential problems and perform the necessary adjustments, part replacements, and other repairs. This ensures that your food can benefit fully from your culinary touch.

Rely On Our Gas Appliance Repair Service in Myrtle Beach, SC to Keep Your Stove Running Efficiently and Safely

Gas appliances require a well-trained gas appliance repair service technician to ensure that they’re running at peak efficiency, minimizing combustion by-products, and keeping gas from leaking into your kitchen. Don’t forget, ventilation is a good solution whenever you suspect gas problems, along with calling the gas company. For gas appliance repair and maintenance, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach and we’ll take good care of you and your gas appliance.


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