Selection Criteria for Tankless Water Heaters in Little River, SC

Selection Criteria for Tankless Water Heaters in Little River, SC

People, nowadays, are always on the lookout for buying such options in appliances and technology that can help them conserve energy in multiple ways. They try making their homes energy efficient which would not only save them money but would also contribute positively towards the environment. This is the very reason why a lot of homeowners are considering and opting for tankless water heaters in Little River, SC as they are energy-efficient units as compared to the normal storage tanks.

Because of their several factors these tankless water heaters in Little River, SC are growing in popularity. However, there are still some households who are not sure about its feasibility and selection criteria. They get a little confused as to what aspects of tankless water heaters should be considered for making a successful purchase in Little River, SC.

If you are also someone who is considering getting installed a tankless water heater in Little River, SC but are a little confused about which factors you should base your final decision on then here in this article are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

Fuel Type

One of the critical decisions to make when selecting a tankless water heater in Little River, SC is to decide what fuel type you are going to use to run the tankless water heater. This is important to decide as it is used to determine the size and efficiency of the unit. There are three types of fuels that these heaters can run on; electricity, natural gas, or propane.

Gas run tankless water heaters tend to perform better in terms of energy savings but require professional servicing every year. Opting for this type of heater can be excellent for you if you have natural gas or propane readily available at all times.

For these tankless water heaters, which are also known as on-demand systems, two necessary requirements that they should fulfill include quick response time and high heat output along with the fuel type. According to the fuel type of the tankless water heaters in Little River, SC the fuel supply line also needs to be determined. The line must be of enough size to provide enough fuels for large burners to get an immediate supply of hot water; otherwise, it needs to be accommodated.

Energy Savings

Because of this factor alone, there are a lot of people who are deciding to get a tankless water heater in Little River, SC which means that extreme attention needs to be given to this criterion. For this purpose, the water usage and its requirements need to be determined beforehand in order to make a correct final selection. To determine the unit’s efficiency and its energy savings the energy factor can be calculated by determining the useful energy that is coming from the water heater divided by the energy that went into it. Greater the final figure, more efficient the water heater.

One possible exception that you need mind regarding tankless water heaters in Little River, SC is that since gas is a cheaper source of energy it would deliver a lower operating cost when calculated as compared to electricity. Amperage, voltage, and availability of circuit breakers are what should be considered for electric tankless water heaters in Little River, SC.

Right Warranty

Warranties vary from every manufacturer to manufacturer to every model to model. Therefore, when selecting a tankless water heater in Little River, SC make sure that you select the one that suits your needs. There are many manufacturers who provide warranties of their unit only if the buyer buys the unit from them and gets it installed by the professionals of their company only. This shows that the manufacturer is confident about the quality and functioning of their product and is, therefore, backing their product with a reasonable time frame warranty. This is the reason why comparing warranties of tankless water heaters in Little River, SC is important.

Proper Size

The appropriate size of a tankless water heater in Little River, SC for your house can be determined by two most important factors; temperature and flow rate. The temperature is important to determine how much rise is needed to achieve a specific flow rate. And the flow rate must be approximately 2 to 5 gallons of hot water per minute which is the average of a standard tankless water heater. Once these two factors are calculated it would become easier for you to select the right unit for your place.

For its calculation, you first need to determine your household’s peak demand flow rate (gallons per minute – GPM) and the specific temperature you need. Then calculate your flow rate by determining the number of hot water devices used at one time and add GPM of each device to it. Now subtract the temperature of water entering the home from the desired hot water temperature.

Following this simple calculation method will help you determine exactly what size you need to fulfill the demands of hot water in your house.

The Bottom Line

Selecting a tankless water heater in Little River, SC is a serious task and requires careful consideration and detailed checking of all its aspects. There are several homeowners who are unable to select the right unit as per their household needs and face difficulty in reaching for a final decision.

Therefore, it is recommended to get some professional advice if you are planning to buy and install one at your place. If you live in Little River, SC then calls Benjamin Franklin right away. Their team of professionals is will guide you in selecting the right unit. For further assistance or in case of emergency call their 24/7 emergency number.


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