Common Signs of Dysfunctional Residential Drainage Systems | Drain Cleaning in Littler River, SC

Common Signs of Dysfunctional Residential Drainage Systems | Drain Cleaning in Littler River, SC

Drainage cleaning should be a part of any regular house maintenance, but it has been noticed that the majority of homeowners neglect them until they have a muddle of dirty water in front of their house or their backyards start to reek of unpleasant odors. A good practice, therefore, is to have your residential drainage network inspected from a drain cleaning in Little River, SC even if you are not expecting any rainfall.

In this article, we will discuss drainage problems that are often overlooked because they don’t cause any major trouble initially. But these drainage issues are early signs that you might experience more trouble in coming days. Call a professional company that deals in drain cleaning in Little River, SC before these minor bothers transform into a full-blown drainage crisis.

Semi-Arid Regions are not Spared From Drainage Issues

There is a widespread misconception that areas with low average rainfall such as Texas don’t often experience drainage problems. This is not true at all and we will try to make our point with the help of numbers.

Every inch of rain can result in 600 gallons of runoff water from the roof with the dimensions of 1000 sq. ft.  Texas can experience an annual average rainfall of up to 32 inches. So, you can easily estimate that how much of runoffs rainwateris controlled and disposed ofby any residential drainage system.

Flowing Gutters

In case of gutters with slight overflow, don’t just wait for it to get fixed automatically, call professional drain cleaning in Little River, SC. The immediate effect of the over-flown gutters is the destroyed sidings. If ignored for long time periods, then gushing gutters can become more damaging and result in increasing the repairing cost.

Paint Job on Exterior Will be Stained Badly

For older home constructions, constant flooding of gutters can aggravate into significant structural damage. It is important to understand why gutters are overflowing time and again. According to experts from a professional drain cleaning in Little River, SC, there are two significant reasons for that.

  • The gutter downspout is clogged with plant debris resulting in the restriction of flow and causing a gushing gutter. It is rather a simple fixing job and any good drain cleaning in Little River, SC can resolve the issue within few minutes.
  • The gutter is undersized as compared to the size of the building or it is not installed properly. In such cases, you will have to spend more on repairing cost. But it would be better when you have no option other than to replace the gutter line and sidings both.

Abridged Downspouts

Downspouts playan essential role in carrying away all the rain water from your property. However, if your residential unit has abridged downspouts, then you have a problem. These downspouts will dumpall the rain water in the close proximity of the house construction. It is a well-known fact that standing water can be very detrimental tothe foundation of any building. If your home also has a basement, then abridged downspouts can make them unusable.

Install Extensions Before it’s too Late

Abridged downspouts can be fixed by installing extensions that will help in dumping the water several feet away from the house construction. Any good drain cleaning in Little River, SC will modify your downspouts with extensions in few-hours work. It will also not cost you much.

However, if you are not solving the issue of abridged downspouts, then they will continue to dump gallons of water around the foundation of the house. This carelessattitude will cost you a wholenew reconstruction of the basement involving extensive construction works such as excavation. So, call any good drain cleaning in Little River, SC before it’s too late.

Blocked Downspouts

Aside from short downspouts, blocked downspouts are also a reason for concern for households. During monsoon season especially when downpour can occur every other day, blocked downspouts can become more problematic. With blockages, downspout can’t drain out all the rainwaterfrom the roof. This stagnant water on the roof can result in the growth of mildew and mold in the attic.

Many households transform their attics into useful house spaces, but a sudden growth of mildew would create an unpleasant ambiance there. To prevent this inconvenience, it will be better to have the inspection of your downspouts from a good drain cleaning in Little River, SC before the start of the raining season.

Aside from these drainage problems leading to several issues, it is important to know some of the telltale signs indicating that you may have a drainage problem. A quick inspection ofany reputable drain cleaning in Little River, SC will answer all the questions regarding your residential drainage issues.

Stains on the Basement Walls

Stains on the upper half of the basement walls are indicative of the fact that you are facing drainage issues. Basement walls often get water stains when the gutterisnot working properly. It will be better to call any reliable drain cleaning in Little River, SC to fix pertaining issues before it will render your basement nonfunctional.  Flaking and grayish deposits on the walls also show that the basement walls have been subjected to a continual seepage of drain water.


Cracks in the Foundation

Minor cracks in the foundation are pretty normal in the decades-old constructions. However, if you are noticing that they are getting bigger, then it might be a result of the faultydrainage system. In such cases, it would be better to call for a professional help to inspect those cracks. Any good expert of drain cleaning in Little River, SC can tell whether or not drainage issues are causing these foundation cracks to expand.



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