Plunger, Snake, or Chemicals? Your Best Bet Is Your Phone For Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plunger, Snake, or Chemicals? Your Best Bet Is Your Phone For Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

When your toilet is clogged or your sink backs up, do you put on your goggles, helmet, and hazmat suit and select your tools and techniques? While that’s a bit extreme, a casual approach to drains can lead to trouble, as our drain cleaning service can tell you. That’s why it’s best to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for your drain care, before you spend a lot more cleaning up from overflows and backups, not to mention disinfecting. Our Myrtle Beach, SC plumbers work around the hazards of wastewater all the time, and we take care to avoid exposure. We also know the differences between clearing an object or clog in a toilet or sink P-trap, clearing the pipes beyond, and dealing with problems in the bends and junctions leading to your sewer. For one thing, we have video gear that can show us just what’s in there, and our experience to guide us. For another, we know which tools are best for clogged paper, a plastic object, and other materials. In some cases, a plunger can simply wedge the item even further, even if it does so at an angle that allows some flow. We know. That’s why our drain cleaning is ready to make your drain problems a simple call.

What’s In Those Drains? More Than You Can Imagine

If your imagination doesn’t go very far in guessing what’s plugging your drain, ask our drain cleaning service to tell you some stories. Basically, anything that might fall into a sink or toilet from above, for any reason, can be part of the problem that our drain cleaning service resolves. Of course, kids can often be creative in using the toilet and sink for their purposes, which adds to the challenges. Even adults and teens add all sorts of items inadvertently, for example the famous flushed phone syndrome, or even parts of phones. A lithium battery, common in mobile phones, can be a particular problem since it becomes a fire hazard when punctured and dropped in water. That makes using an auger or snake a little more of a concern than clearing a wad of toilet paper! In the sink, you may find anything that commonly sits nearby or in the cabinet above, and unless it’s all been flushed onward, chemicals can meet up in the P-trap to combine and react. Have you ever flushed food down the drain? Narrower bathroom pipes are even more prone to a common problem in the kitchen, where rice, pasta, and similar foods soak up the water in the line and expand, forming a growing plug somewhere, maybe in the trap or a junction further on.

Strange Symptoms That Go Beyond Overflows and Backups

Where the clog forms can result in some strange reactions, and even what floor of your Myrtle Beach, SC home is experiencing problems can be a big clue. In the case of a clog that forms and blocks a junction or a pipe between sink and toilet, flushing water in the toilet can result in jets from the nearby sink and various combinations of similar effects. It’s not uncommon for us to get a call for a sink problem only to find that the toilet is causing the behavior, and a clog further down the line is the root cause that needs care. In the basement, backups can also be due to sewer line problems, either when wastewater from above can’t get out through the sewer, or when a damaged sewer pipe receives infiltrated water from heavy rains or flooding outside and backflow occurs. Up on the roof, there’s a plumbing vent that provides vacuum relief as water flows down through your drains, and also vents sewer gas that develops in the pipes. If that vent gets blocked by, say, a bird’s nest or debris from a storm, the system goes haywire and you may smell dangerous sewer gas indoors, or experience strange drain behavior like slow flushing and gurgling sounds on the top floor of your Myrtle Beach, SC home. Our drain cleaning service knows that solving your drain problems often requires creative thinking and experience since the problem can be tricky to find. You can also waste plenty of time, disruption, and cost on drains since plunging and other techniques can provide short-term, partial solutions that don’t address the real reason for the trouble.

Why Chemicals And The Wrong Choice of Tools Are Trouble

Goggles, hazmat suits, and other protection aren’t a bad idea when plunging the toilet, since backsplash is sending nasty water your way. Our plumbers are carefully trained to minimize the mess and protect themselves, but even worse than biological hazards can be the dangerous chemicals sometimes used to clear drains, hoping that the cause is close enough to the opening for the chemicals to reach them. If you do use chemicals before you call a plumber, make sure you mention it and make sure you don’t follow chemicals with a plunger or even a springy snake or auger. Tool use issues aren’t quite as extreme, but it’s important to know whether you need to be pushing a clog, breaking it up, or snagging an object and removing it. The wrong technique can add complications to the solution.

Why Whole-House Drain Cleaning Service Keeps the Peace at Home

Since many clogs and slow drains are the result of problems developing over time deep in your plumbing, an annual whole house drain cleaning service can provide an important clearing of distant and forming clogs before they result in emergency calls. And of course, our expert plumbers always keep an eye out for trouble such as damaged or corroded pipes during drain cleaning services.

Your Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Myrtle Beach

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach has got you covered for all your plumbing needs with experienced, insightful plumbing care. Call our team today and schedule your annual preventive drain cleaning service!

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