Main Reasons To Consider Water Heater Replacement | Conway, SC

Main Reasons To Consider Water Heater Replacement | Conway, SC

The essence of a water heater in your Conway, SC, home cannot be overstated. This plumbing appliance ensures that your home has a constant hot water supply for bathing, cleaning, or cooking. Hence, your home will undoubtedly feel a bit uncomfortable without a water heater or if it begins malfunctioning.

However, though modern water heaters have a longer lifespan, they are certainly not designed to last for life. Indeed, there will come a time when you’ll have to replace the water heater. For example, if the water heater starts demanding a lot of water heater repairs from a professional plumber, you may be forced to consider a water heater replacement. Below are some of the reasons you should enlist a plumber to replace the water heater.

Age of Your Water Heater

Is your water heater over a decade old? If it is a conventional water heater, it might be time to plan for a water heater replacement. Tank-based water heaters have an average lifespan of 8 – 12 years. However, there are modern tankless water heaters that are more durable and might even reach2 decades.

Hence, if the water heater is approaching the end of its service life, you should begin planning a replacement for the unit, even when it doesn’t seem to have any problems and seems to work properly. Whenever the water heater approaches the end of its service life, it becomes more inefficient and less reliable to run. Hence, you could wake up one morning to realize that your home doesn’t have any hot water.

As the water heater’s efficiency declines because of age, you might also notice increased energy bills. This is because it works harder to heat the water, resulting in more energy consumption. Hence, rather than wait for these inconveniences to begin lumping up, you should play a proactive role and ensure that you enlist for prompt water heater replacement.

Increase in the Frequency of Water Heater Repairs

Similar to other machines, the individual parts of your water heater become less effective and more damage-prone as the unit ages or with time. Hence, as the water heating unit nears the end of its service life, it will demand more frequent repairs, which you should always expect.

However, even a new water heater could break down and necessitate a call to a professional in water heater repair services. But under normal circumstances, the water heater malfunctions are generally rare. Hence, if you’ve noticed that you call a plumber for water heater problems after several weeks, you should consider having an entire water heater replacement. You could find that the entire replacement is more economical compared to the frequent repairs.

Water Heater Tank Leakages

Out of all the plumbing issues at your Conway, SC issues, leaking water heaters are the most dangerous. It might expose your entire home and family to damage and severe injuries. However, your water heating unit might spring a leak for several reasons. To begin with, it might begin leaking because of cracks at the joints of the water heater tank. In such a case, a plumber can resolve the leakages through welding.

However, the tank might also spring a leak due to corrosion. Unfortunately, you might have to consider an immediate water heater replacement service for the tank in this case. An extensively corroded tank cannot be repaired through simple fixes, and it is a danger to your home. Because of the weakened walls of the tank, the water heater rank might explode.

Frequently Running Out of Warm/Hot Water

Depending on when the water heater was installed at your home, the demand for hot water might have considerably increased. For instance, you might have lived alone a decade ago, but now you are married with a family. More people living in your home means that your home consumes more water, including hot water. Hence, you might notice that your home frequently runs out of hot water.

This, unfortunately, means that you or your family has to wait for a longer duration for the water heater to heat the water. The result of this is inconveniences at your home, especially whenever a person is in a hurry and needs to use hot water. Are you running out of sufficient hot water frequently? Then you probably need a water heater with a higher capacity that can cater to the higher hot water demands at your home.

This means that you must begin looking for water heater replacement options. A tankless water heater can be a great option, and it saves a lot of energy while supplying sufficient hot water to your home on demand. These environmentally friendly water heaters save homeowners money on energy bills while ensuring convenience.

Discolored Hot Water

The water heater should supply your Conway, SC home with clear, hot water. Hence, whenever you notice that the water flowing from the faucets is discolored while the cold water is clear, there may be an issue with the water heater. In many cases, discolored hot water is a sign of corrosion or rust in your water heater tank.

Most water heater tanks are typically made from steel material. Although still is among the most rigid metals on earth, it is corrosion-prone. Unfortunately, besides weakening the water heater tank, the rust also discolors your hot water while making it have a metallic taste. Though rusty water isn’t a severe health issue, it may damage appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine. The water also stains your kitchen utensils or even bright clothing.

Hence, whenever you notice that the hot water leaving the faucets has a rusty appearance, you should enlist a plumber to inspect it further. Based on their finding, the professional might recommend a water heater replacement. Fortunately, you don’t have to change the plumber since a plumber is also professionally trained to handle replacements.

As aforementioned, a water heater is a vital plumbing appliance. Hence, you must always ensure that it is optimally running to have a continuous hot water supply. However, a time comes when you must start considering a water heater replacement. Have you noticed either of the signs above at your home? Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today for a water heater replacement service.

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