Our Drain Cleaning Service Is Like Expanding Your Pipes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Drain Cleaning Service Is Like Expanding Your Pipes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Does it seem like your drains are never big enough for what goes down them, or tries to? Sometimes that’s a matter of what’s blocking the toilet or sink P-trap twists and turns. Other times, the real problem is deeper in your drain pipes, slowing down wastewater flow from many different fixtures. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we know drains and get to the root of the problem with our drain cleaning service. Whether you call us to clear a single drain, or for a periodic whole-house drain cleaning, we’ll do a thorough job so you can relax and flush, run the tap on full, or do whatever you need to do in Myrtle Beach, SC. We’ll be there to get it done when we say we will, keeping your day flowing along as well as your drains because we’re the Punctual Plumber!

You Can Try Things, or Just Call Our Experts

With drain problems, you never know whether the problem is going to return soon, even if you solve it for the moment. As professional plumbers, our drain cleaning service has the experience to identify most problems and address them with the right tools and techniques. These days, we even have video inspection equipment that can quickly tell us whether it’s a grease clog or a plastic dinosaur blocking your pipes. In the case of a grease clog, we can break it up manually or with a powerful hydro-jet spray so it flows down the drain. With an object, though, we’ll know that the right solution is probably extracting it instead. Our professional service can save you time now, and potentially even help avoid multiple drain backup calls for persistent clogs.

Spring Cleaning for Your Drains

Drains can get pretty messy with partial clogs and material gathering all along the route to your sewer line. Often, what you experience as a backup is the final stage of clog formation, when the wastewater flow slows enough that your pipes can’t keep up. Sometimes, the problem is a persistent plumbing issue. It might be horizontal pipes that don’t have the required slope to keep things moving, or dislocated joints that disrupt the flow. When we chase the clogs with our video gear, we can identify all of these and other issues, and also note if your drain pipes are corroded and at risk of leaking in the near future. A full drain cleaning service sweeps accumulated material. It breaks clogs, and leaves your pipes as close to sparkling clean as can be done, using a variety of techniques. You’ll have drains that get a fresh start and are much less likely to clog in the months to come. We’ll supply information about your plumbing that’s valuable in planning for the future.

When Are Drain Problems Really Sewer Line Issues?

Having professional plumbers provide your drain cleaning service helps identify the source of the problem, even if it’s not what you expected. For plumbing on the lower floors of your home, backups can be caused by sewer line clogs or damage, especially for basement sinks, drains, and toilets. In some cases, the same techniques we use for drain cleaning service on other drains works here, such as hydro jetting to break up a sewer line clog. Video inspection can explore the sewer line to catch other issues such as tree root intrusion or damage from heavy equipment driving above, and our sewer experts can recommend proper repairs. You’ll be surprised at how manageable drain and sewer line problems are these days, with advanced inspection equipment and repair techniques as well.

Plumbing Vents and the Physics of Drains

Our drain cleaning service is provided by a team including professional plumbers. They have an amazing amount of knowledge about how liquids flow through your home’s pipes. One example is the plumbing vent, typically on your roof. These vent dangerous sewer gases so you don’t smell them below or risk health and safety hazards from them. In addition, the vent provides relief to the drain system so that liquids can easily flow down into the sewer, drawing air through the vent in the process. If there’s anything, like a bird’s nest or wind-blown material, blocking the vent, you can experience what seems like clogs in your upper floor’s bathrooms. You might get temporary relief with a plunger, or you might just be experiencing gurgling sounds without actual blockages and wonder what’s happening. Our drain cleaning service experts can diagnose unusual problems like these, and often provide relief from problems you’ve been puzzling over for some time.

Like Widening Your Pipes, Once a Year

Annual drain cleaning service in Myrtle Beach, SC really can feel like widening your pipes, especially the first time when so much accumulated debris in your drain pipes is finally liberated. If there are any defects in your drain plumbing, addressing those can also help improve the flow. It’ll give that satisfying feeling when your toilets and sinks flow quickly down, rather than hesitating because of constrictions on the way. If you notice that several fixtures are experiencing trouble, that’s often a sign of deeper clogs that are slowing multiple drain paths. You might even experience problems where a flush can’t go down promptly, and so produces a backup or geyser in your nearby sink or even shower drain!

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we know that even concerns about your drains can disrupt your daily routines as you work around possible backups and overflows. Our expert drain cleaning service provides the fix that you need, whether it’s a deep clog removal or “snaking the P-trap” just below your sink or molded into your toilet. We have the tools and techniques to provide a thorough cleaning, identifying and addressing the problem wherever it is. Give us a call for punctual arrival and fast resolution of your drain problems, so you can relax in Myrtle Beach, SC!

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