North Myrtle Beach Plumbing Company: Hurricane Season

North Myrtle Beach Plumbing Company: Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise since we already had a pretty big scare so far with Hurricane Irma. We lucked out on that one, but Hurricane Maria is on it's way and it's too early to tell what is going to happen. Over the past two years, hurricane activity has definitely picked up. High winds and flooding, especially areas along the Grand Strand that were hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, are a concern for most homes. What exactly does that mean for the plumbing in my house? Well, our North Myrtle Beach plumbing company is here to explain what can be done to prevent major damage.


The root of ongoing or potential flooding at your home (or business) could be cracks in your foundation. While not always visible, it's still important to walk along the outside of your Myrtle Beach home and check for signs of stree in the concrete. If you don't trust yourself during this process, a foundation repair specialist should assess your damage and go over your options. Housing issues can cause plumbing issues, so that is why this is very important. Please go through this step now before it's too late.


The copious amounts of rain that hurricanes bring can cause some severe drainage issues at your home. To ensure water is draining as it is intended to, clear any debris from your gutters, spouts and drains. Also make sure that they are securely in place. Replace anything that is rusty or loose. Let Benjamin Franklin Plumbing know if you need any assistance in doing this.

The outside of your home isn't the only thing that you should be concerned with in regards to a hurricane. Make sure your drains are working as they are supposed to by pouring water through them to see how long it takes to drain completely. If you experience any slow draining, please consult with a professional to address the issue. We can snake your pipes and professionally clean them for you.

When was the last time you had your septic tank or sewer line cleaned? We suggest doing it regularly to avoid unpleasant backups that heavy rain and flooding can bring on. If you notice clogged toilets, clogged sinks, foul odors or a main line malfunction, turn off all AC units and give us a call.

We hope that you and your family do not experience any damage during the next storm, but your North Myrtle Beach plumbing company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, is here to help if you need us!


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