Detecting Water Line Leakage and What Causes It | Plumber in Conway, SC

Detecting Water Line Leakage and What Causes It | Plumber in Conway, SC

There is a no ‘good time’ to receive a water bill. After all, it means that you must part ways with your hard-earned cash. However, your water bill can be a major headache if it happens to be significantly higher than normal. While you may not need to call 911 when this happens, you will almost certainly need a plumber in Conway, SC to check your home for a water leak.

If you have not increased your water usage, then a weak leak is the most likely reason for the increased water bill. Detecting a water leak can be a bit tricky and often, a leaking pipe can leave you a mess that you do not want. The good news is that there are plumbers in Conway, SC that can not only identify the leak in your home, but also repair it right away.

At times, the problem is not with a faucet but with the water line. For this reason, checking the water line for a leak and getting help from a service that performs water line repair in Conway, SC is extremely important if you want to avoid damage to landscaping, foundations, and buildings. While the professionals can identify the water line leak for you, there are some signs of a water line leakage that you can watch out for to spot the problem early.

Detecting a Water Line Leakage

Before you check for the signs of water line leakage, rule out the possibility of any leaks inside your home. To detect any drips, checks the faucets, your hot water system and the appliances connected to the plumbing system. Additionally, ensure that there aren’t any discolored, warped, or damp carpets floorboards, ceiling or walls in your home. Once you have done this and are sure the problem is not inside your home, check for the following signs:

  • Water pressure limited to a feeble spill
  • A higher than normal water bill
  • Swamped front lawn
  • Unstable and damp concrete, bricks or paving around the house
  • Unpleasant new depressions and soft patches in the ground
  • Even though you water it evenly, your lawn appears much healthier in some areas than others

To be absolutely sure that you have a water line leak, check your water meter and note down the reading. Don’t use any water for an hour and check the meter again. If the reading changes, then you can be sure that you have a leak somewhere. Since you have already ruled out any leaks inside in your home, the problem is with your water line. The good thing is that plumbers in Conway, SC can easily fix this problem in your home. So, if you have water line leakage, don’t waste any time and call in a service that performs water line repair in Conway, SC right away.

The 4 Common Causes of Water Line Leakage

Now that you are aware of the signs to watch out for to detect a water line leakage in your home, you may want to know about the causes of water line leak. If that is indeed the case, then all you have to do is read on. Here are the 4 common causes of water line leakage.

Shifting or Deterioration

A cause that isn’t too easy to detect or prevent, shifting or deterioration of the water line is one of the major reasons for its leakage. While it is not easy for you to detect this cause of water leakage, plumbers in Conway, SC have the tools and expertise to get detect it easily. Coming back to the topic at hand, it is likely that your house has been standing for a while and thus, its fixtures have become a bit old.

The more time your house is standing, the more its foundation, drainage and pipes will deteriorate. Ultimately, these fixtures including your water line will start to rust and leak. Another problem is the foundation of your house shifting naturally. When this happens, the joints in the plumbing system of your house become loose and may even separate completely to cause a water leak.

While the leak may be just a drip of two every -one to two minutes, it can cause major damage to your house in the long term and this does not include the increased water bill you will be paying each month. So, get your water line checked for shifting or deterioration right away by a service that performs plumbing in Conway, SC immediately.

Shifting of Soil Underneath the Surface

When they are laying down the water lines, contactors rarely think about the soil changes in the foreseeable future. This is a mistake as a variety of factors can cause the soil under the surface to shift. When this happens, an undue pressure may be exerted by soil erosion at the house’s or lawn’s perimeter. In addition to this, pipe failure or leakage may occur due to the shifting of the roots into unanticipated areas.

Unregulated Water Pressure

Your water line may crack or burst if the water pressure passing through it goes unregulated or if plumbing in your home is not done right. This obviously leads to a water line leakage. To prevent this from happening, get your water line inspected/ regulated by a plumber in Conway, SC.

A Poor Plumbing Job

Though it does not happen often, a poor plumbing job or a DIY plumbing job to fix a water pipe in your home can lead to a water line leakage. For this reason, it is always good to leave the plumbing job to the professional plumbers in Conway, SC and let them handle problems with your faucets, toilet, or water line for you.

Regardless of what causes it, you can get the leakage in your water line repaired by a service that performs plumbing in Conway, SC. If you are looking for such a service, then look no further than Benjamin Franklin in Georgetown, SC.


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