All You Need To Know About Water Filtration Systems | Plumber in Carolina Forest, SC

All You Need To Know About Water Filtration Systems | Plumber in Carolina Forest, SC

Ensuring your family’s well-being is not only your responsibility but is perhaps your greatest priority, too.

Each of us wants to protect our family from the many health hazards around. Therefore, it is advised to ensure that the water in your home is free of all impurities. Statistically, around 1 million Americans fall ill every year because of drinking infected water.

Since we know contaminated water can cause your family member to fall ill any time, it is inevitable to install a water filtration system at your earliest.

The residents of Carolina Forest, SC can get rid of contaminated water and safeguard their health by calling over their nearest professional plumbing service agency that can install a water filtration system in their homes.

Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems

It is important to understand that there are many different water filtration systems available in Carolina Forest, SC. but not every water filtration system is able to eradicate all chemicals and other contaminants. The three common filtrations systems discussed below are able to remove most of the frequently found pollutants and also other specific particles

1.     Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration is the most common of all household water filtration systems. It is also a budget friendly water filter that is easily installed under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The filtration equipment is made of either a solid block of carbon or carbon pellets. Firm carbons block measuring around 1 micrometer works competently for smooth functioning of a home water filtration system.

The activated carbon is able to prevent the growth of bacteria in the water pipes and also removes all sorts of metal and chemical residue. Since the carbonated filter also comes in form of cartridges it can be easily replaced when needed.

2.     Ion charged Filtration

Also known as cation exchange water filtration systems, it is an electrically charged purification procedure that provides clean drinking water. The method is popularly named water softener or ion exchange filter that uses positively charged ions to draw negatively charged ions. The negatively charged ion is particularly unsafe and contains hazardous chemicals like barium. Barium is one of the metals that can cause severe health issues.

If the human body is continuously exposed to the metal it can affect the internal organs. Similarly, calcium and magnesium are also harmful water contaminants and are eradicated by the electric water filtration system. These chemicals not only produce an unpleasant taste and smell in the water but also damage plumbing fixtures.

3.     Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is regarded to as the most effective water filtration system for residential use in Carolina Forest, SC. The system efficiently removes pollutants from the water through its tiny filter pores. This method is more useful as compared to the activated carbon system due to its ability of eradicating even the smallest of particles. The reverse osmosis water filtration system forces the water through a small wrapper using immense air pressure. The heavy pressure successfully removes almost all the chemicals and harmful parasites from the water. Most RO systems contain carbon filters and various sediments to increase the filtration level.

Why Hire a Professional Service

Many people avoid hiring a professional service to set up their water filtration system. A common reason for this is that people consider hiring a service a waste for something they can do themselves. However, this wrong approach can actually derail the system itself. Even though the installation may seem easy but it still requires a professional to work on it because of the following reasons.

1.     Latest Equipment

It is important to go for a professional service when installing a water filtration system in your home as most plumbing services in Carolina Forest, SC have advanced equipment at their disposal. They use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you have access to only the purest water supply. There are several new practices of water filtration being discovered each day which largely improve water quality. Therefore, combining the best plumbing services and the latest technology is the best way to guarantee that all contaminants are removed from your water pipes.

2.     Experience

It is usually a bad idea to install the water filtration equipment yourself. An inaccurately installed water filtration system can actually rob you and your family off the many fruitful advantages of a clean and uncontaminated water supply. It can even result in potential dangers like electric shocks; therefore, it is also advised to have an experienced plumbing service install a water filtration system for you.

3.     Useful Advice

Especially if you have recently move to house in Carolina Forest, SC or are getting a water filtration system for the very first time, chance are that you probably don’t know which type of equipment would be the best for your home. A well-known water filtration and plumbing company will send their representative to help you find the best system. The agent will inspect your home and assess your needs to shortlist the best available options for you. It is also useful to have such assistance as they can give you a better idea of the cost of a water filtration system and help you evaluate accordingly.

Unknown Advantages of Water Filtration Systems

There are several benefits of setting up a water filtration system at your home but there are many health-based advantages which are rather unknown, such as:

  1. Using filtered water can greatly reduce your medical bills as you will be protected from falling ill due to drinking plagued water.
  2. As water filtration system is able to remove chlorine from the water it reduces the risk of contracting different types of cancer such as colon and bladder cancer.
  3. Clean water also detoxifies your body as pure water cleans kidneys and also the blood circulating in your body.

The above information about water filtration systems should be able to help many people who are still contemplating whether to install a water filtration system or not. The best way to get water filtration equipment fixed at your home is contacting your nearest Benjamin Franklin Plumbing company for their impeccable services.


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