3 Reasons Why Having a Water Filtration System at Home is a Blessing | Plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC

3 Reasons Why Having a Water Filtration System at Home is a Blessing | Plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC

More than 60% of our body is water, shocked?

We are too and it is surely not a good idea to have more than half of your body full of something impure. It is generally recommended for everyone to consume as much water as possible to avoid dehydration but this can’t be just any water. We are advised to use only clean and pure water as it leads to several benefits, the most important being our wellbeing.

We hardly think of getting our tap water checked before using it and believe it to be pure since it looks fine. However, not paying attention to the quality of water is a big health hazard. There are many impurities in water like chemicals and metal. It is also reported that around 19 million Americans are exposed to contaminated drinking water and only a small ratio of water is termed safe for drinking.

But luckily for the people of North Myrtle Beach, SC, a professional plumbing agency is providing the best water filtration system services. The service provider will install a home water filtration system at your convenience so you can enjoy water in its purest form. For those who still have doubts about water filtration can assess its need from the following reasons:

Reasons For Installing A Water System

There are many important reasons why every home in North Myrtle Beach, SC needs an efficiently installed water filtration system. Filtered water accounts for not only a better health but also translates into lower medical bills and several other benefits. Below are a few of the many reasons why water filtration is necessary for all of us.

1.     Safer Drinking Water

The biggest reason of getting a water filtration system is the much-needed provision of clean drinking water. The water we consume in our daily lives is not always as pure as it should be. Even if the water looks clear and smells just about right, there is still a great possibility of it having some sort of contamination. Drinking water is made safer by water filtration systems by taking care of the following chemical and metal pollutants.

• Chlorine

Chlorine contamination in tap water is very common in almost every household in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Drinking chlorine polluted water is known be to gravely severe for the human health and leads to many diseases. People who consumed contaminated water complained of irritation in their eyes and skin and also stomach ache. Water filtration systems however, eradicate any chlorine particle that may have been blended into the water pipes before flowing into the sink tap.

• Fluoride

Water companies are known to use chemical softeners like fluoride to treat water. However, some particles of the chemical remain in the water being consumed at home which causes harmful effects. Fluoride contaminated water can effectively be freed of any such particles when filtered in a modern water filtration system installed in your home by a competent service provider in  North Myrtle Beach, SC.

• Iron

Metal induced water is again very common especially in old houses. The water pipes and taps are usually seen covered in rust stains due to corrosion. The iron particles forming rust find their way into the drinking water and get mixed in it. This water is then used by the residents for drinking and showering. Iron polluted water however results in severe stomach ache and digestive problems. A water filtration system is able to eliminate rust residue from the water to provide homeowners the safest water.

2.     Better Health

Another important reason for installing a water filtration system in your home is that fresh and pure water leads to a better and healthier life. Since we consume more than 60 ounces of water each day that is about seven glasses, any unsafe particles mixed in the water harm our overall health. There are many ways consuming clean water translates into a better health thus making water filtration in North Myrtle Beach, SC very important.

• Healthier Skin

The hot climate in North Myrtle Beach, SC causes excessive sweating and exhaustion. Due to the heat we drink lots of water to quench our never-ending thirst. But if this water is contaminated then it can affect our skin and cause skin related diseases like acne. Filtering water before drinking or using it for any other purpose can actually improve our skin making it look softer and healthier.

Since everyone wants a glowing skin and to look radiant, it is important to consume clean water as it improves the skin texture. Another reason to use pure water is that it keeps your hair stronger and shinier because of the deficiency of chemicals like chlorine in the water.

• Improved Digestion

There are many parasites hiding in the water we drink which if not removed by a water filtration system can cause digestive and intestinal problems. Fresh water helps in proper digestion of food and if you have been suffering from constipation lately, then it is time to get your drinking water checked. Filtration wipes out any harmful compound from the water providing you a cleaner drink to enjoy with your favorite spicy tacos.

3.     Environment Friendly

Most people opt for buying mineral water for drinking over getting a water filtration system installed. Not only are these bottles expensive but they also damage the environment. Plastic bottles are disposed of to landfills and left to decay for thousands of years. These bottles also end up in the oceans threatening the marine life. By having water purification equipment, every home will consume less mineral water. This will reduce the number of mineral water bottles produced and discarded which will aid in improving the quality of our environment.

Since installing a water filtration system isn’t a complicated process and can be done within a few hours, it is suggested for all the residents of North Myrtle Beach, SC to call up Benjamin Franklin for the most punctual plumbers in town.


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