Gas Appliance Repair Service: Gas Furnace Problems In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Gas Appliance Repair Service: Gas Furnace Problems In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

A gas furnace is a heating appliance that uses natural gas or propane to warm up air throughout your home in Myrtle Beach, SC. More than 47 percent of households in the USA rely on natural gas as preferred heating fuel.

A smoothly working gas furnace requires all its components such as thermostat, burners, heat exchangers, draft hood or fan, and blower to work in sync for peak performance. The gas appliance makes your home cozy and comfortable when the outside is freezing, and a sudden breakdown is the last thing to anticipate.

However, you are susceptible to face gas furnace problems if you do not carry out regular maintenance practices, which will need the immediate services of a professional with expertise in gas appliance repair service. Understanding some of the following furnace problems can help you to know when to call for professional help.

Not Producing Heat

The purpose of a furnace is primarily to produce heat sufficient enough to warm up your entire house in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you have turned your gas furnace on and no heat is coming out of it, it is a cause for alarm. Instead of wondering what the problem could be, call an expert in gas appliance repair service to check your gas furnace to identify the issue.

The first culprit why your furnace is on and yet no warm air is coming from it could be the thermostat. The professional will check the thermostat if at low temperatures and turn the settings to the appropriate level. The hired contractor specializing in gas appliance repairs might also analyze the air filters for possible clogs.

The blockage is likely to occur if the air filtration system has accumulated dust and debris, restricting warm air from getting to your home. The technician will have a simple task of either cleaning it or replacing it with a new one to restore its peak performance.

Another possible reason why your gas furnace is not producing heat might be a faulty pilot light in the furnace that fails to ignite the fuel to produce warm air. The skilled technician with experience in gas appliance repair service will identify the reason behind why your gas furnace is not heating your home and do the necessary repairs to restore the coziness in your home.

Furnace Not Turning on Automatically

If your gas furnace fails to start producing warm air to remove the cold air inside, it is a sign of a problem. The freezing temperature in your house will force you to contact the nearest professional with knowledge and skills in gas appliance repair service to fix the issue as soon as possible.

The first place the professional might check is the level of gas available to operate the furnace. If you have run out of gas, refilling it will be an easy fix to restore the comfort in your home. The second cause of the failing gas furnace might be the thermostat set too low, making it impossible for the furnace to turn on and heat your space.

At this point, the gas appliance repair professional has to set the thermostat temperatures to the required levels to turn on the furnace. Clogged air filters might also compromise the smooth running of the gas furnace, leading to a sudden breakdown.

The Gas Furnace Stops Working

When you and your family are cozy enjoying the warmth from the gas furnace, and it suddenly shuts down, it leads to uncomfortable temperatures indoors.

A qualified gas appliance repair professional will identify the issue and make the necessary adjustments or repairs. The gas furnace might shut down due to a faulty pilot light or ignition.

Other reasons behind the instant stopping of the gas furnace might be restricted airflow due to dirty and clogged air filters that make the heating system struggle to produce heat and break down.

Short Off and On Cycles

Typically, the gas furnace cycles on and off to maintain the temperatures set on the thermostat. As it heats your home to the desired temperature, the heating unit cycles off for a while and can normally take place several times an hour. However, if the furnace begins turning on and off more frequently, and you notice your rooms are still cold, it is evident that something is wrong.

Getting an expert in gas appliance repair service to diagnose the gas furnace and identify the problem is the best option to take. The technician will check the air filters if they are clean and not restricting airflow in the furnace.

The dirt build-up in the filters might lead to overheating the gas furnace, forcing the safety switches to go off. If replacing the air filters is not the solution, the contractor with experience in gas appliance repair service has the skills and knowledge to identify any other issue and fix it promptly.

Noisy Furnace

Most furnaces produce noise through the blower or the thermostat as it makes clicking sounds when it gets to the required temperature. Odd noises from the gas furnace are a sign of a problem. It needs the immediate attention of a gas appliance repair service professional to inspect the equipment, identify and diagnose the issue, and repair or replace the faulty parts or units.

Rattling and knocking noises are also a cause for alarm because they indicate loose parts that require adjustments and tightening. A gas appliance repair service professional equipped with advanced tools will skillfully tighten or adjust the loose and malfunctioning parts of the gas furnace to stop the noise.

Get a Gas Furnace Expert!

If you are experiencing any problems with your gas furnace, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for a reliable gas appliance repair service. Our company serves clients in Myrtle Beach, SC, providing them high-quality services on time and within their budget. We have a team of skilled and friendly technicians that reflect the high standards of the business in terms of cleanliness, safety, and respect.


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