Gas Appliance Repair Service: Common Problems That Gas Ovens Face | Myrtle Beach, SC

Gas Appliance Repair Service: Common Problems That Gas Ovens Face | Myrtle Beach, SC

Before the introduction of electric appliances, natural-gas appliances were the norm. Like every major household appliance, gas appliances are prone to tear and wear. There are several varieties and types of gas appliances, each functioning differently and exposed to different challenges.

The gas oven is the most common gas appliance available in almost every household. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we repair and service all makes and models of gas ovens and provide general gas appliance repair service for all gas appliances. Check out this gas appliance repair guide for your gas stoves.

Types of Gas Appliances

A professional gas appliance installation and repair company should have expertise in a broad range of gas appliances. A typical home has at least one or two gas appliance types, each requiring servicing and occasional repairs. Below are some common gas appliance repair types you can expect from a professional repair company:

Gas range repair. Gas ranges are among the most common and used appliances in homes and the food-service sector. A gas range that is not heating not or adequately igniting completely is a major inconvenience that costs time and money. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, our gas appliance experts can inspect and repair any issues affecting your gas ranges

Gas oven repair. The gas oven is a favorite among bakers and dessert lovers. Unfortunately, if it is not heating correctly, it can affect the quality of your food. A gas oven’s working condition heavily affects the success of your recipe, meaning you need an expert to troubleshoot your gas oven issues and provide expert gas appliance repair service

Gas dryer repair. Common gas dryer challenges include the dryer burning up and the tumbler not spinning. A gas dryer repair expert can assist you as soon as possible to determine the problem and rectify it immediately

Gas stove repair. Most homeowners with a gas oven in Myrtle Beach, SC, have had an appliance breakdown at some point. Unfortunately, diagnosing gas appliance damages is never a walk in the park. As such, we recommend that homeowners practice due diligence by spotting any gas oven issues and calling a gas appliance repair service provider immediately. Attempted DIY repairs typically lead to accidents and possible injury.

Common Gas Oven Problems That We Fix

Here are common problems associated with your gas oven that you should hire a repair expert to rectify:

  1. Delayed ignition

A typical gas oven has a rapid on-off time feature, a key selling point, and an attractive feature to most oven users, unlike the electric ovens. Unfortunately, in some instances, even after igniting the oven, it takes a while before it starts running.

One of the possible explanations is blocked ignition ports—which differs heavily from blocked cross-over ports. Consult a gas appliance repair service expert immediately to help with this problem and avoid further damage or injury caused by attempted DIY repairs. A delayed ignition can cause an explosion or fire.

  1. The oven Doesn’t Heat

Your gas oven’s core function is to heat your food to your desired level. An ignition malfunction is a plausible reason for your gas oven failing to heat the food. If your igniter isn’t glowing, a repair service provider will check it using a multimeter and recommend appropriate repair measures.

  1. Your Igniter is Glowing But Lacks a Flame

If your igniter has been flowing yet there is no flame; there is a potential problem with the igniter. Generally, the igniter happens to be the major cause of most gas oven problems. Therefore, when hosting a gas appliance repair service expert, consult about the possibility of replacing your igniter. In any case, the gas appliance repair service provider is likely to recommend the replacement themselves. Igniters can wear out so that they cannot open the safety valve and release gas into the burner tube.

  1. Gas Odors

Your guess—gas leaks—is mostly true whenever you smell gas. Switch off the immediate gas supply as you wait for the gas oven repair expert to arrive. If left unattended, a gas leak can cause a major explosion, fire, or poisoning.

  1. Oven Burner Doesn’t Light

Have you turned the oven on, and the pilot light refuses to come on? Once you open your oven and you fail to see the light, you might want to hire an expert to clean the electrode for your pilot. A gas oven repair expert will repair any issues related to the pilot light failure.

  1. Inadequate Lighting

If you’re not getting adequate flame even after cranking the settings up, the possible reasoning is that you have a restricted cross-over port—possibly suffering blockage.

  1. Excessive Food Debris

This can keep your burner from lighting. Fortunately, you can mitigate this by cleaning the gas oven regularly or after every use. If trouble escalates, call an expert to handle the damage repair professionally.

24/7 Gas Appliance Repair in Wilmington

We understand that gas appliance breakdowns happen unexpectedly, sometimes during the most crucial hours. Moreover, we understand how crucial it is for your gas appliances to be in constant working order. It is why we provide you with 24/7 emergency gas appliance repair service at your hour of need.

We have fully equipped our vans with gas appliance repair tools and replacement parts to handle any damage. We can replace your gas oven igniter during our initial visit at your discretion.

Gas Appliance Repair Service, Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have any gas appliances on your property, you understand the need for regular inspection and maintenance. Our gas appliance experts have handled different models and make of gas appliances in residential and commercial establishments for years. We understand how each gas appliance works, from the gas oven to the gas dryer.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we take serious precautions when dealing with your gas appliances. Our experts are well trained to handle all types and sizes of gas appliances. You can rely on us for expert gas appliance recommendations, installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair. Contact us for fast and reliable gas appliance repair services in Myrtle Beach, SC, and the surrounding areas.


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