My, How Nicely That Strip Of Grass Is Growing! And Other Signs That You May Need Water Line Repair | Conway, SC

My, How Nicely That Strip Of Grass Is Growing! And Other Signs That You May Need Water Line Repair | Conway, SC

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There are many reasons that your water line might spring a leak, and plenty of ways you can detect the problem, even if the pipe is buried deep underground. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we use our knowledge of plumbing and experience with indirect signs of trouble to locate plumbing problems in Conway, SC without the digging and cutting into walls and floors that used to be necessary.

Our expertise is even combined with new technologies that help detect and pinpoint water leaks throughout your property, from the water line in your yard to pipes under your foundation slab in and your walls. Early detection and repair can save on the cost of wasted water over many months, along with yard, foundation, and building damage that water can cause. Our water line repair team also offers a variety of repair techniques, helping to reduce the disruption and cost of what used to be unavoidably major repairs. We can make your life as a homeowner a bit easier with our plumbing capabilities, and we also have information for you on how to detect signs of leaks and call us early on.

Seeing the Signs of Water Line Leaks Around Your Property

Really green grass from the “spring” that’s gushing and needs water line repair below is a sign of trouble that hides in plain sight, especially if it’s not grass but beautiful landscaping plants being watered. Sometimes, especially close to your foundation, the hundreds of gallons you may be losing rises to the surface and forms a quicksand-like puddle of muddy water. As the groundwater from your pipe grows, it can cause damage to your foundation or seep into your basement through cracks, so any foundation issues should be reason to check for leaks and water line repair problems. Leaks under your foundation, typically from plumbing “under the slab,” can be especially damaging to your basement floor or foundation, and may also rise up on one or more sides of your foundation to create those unexplained pools of water next to the concrete. Inside, there are other signs of water leaks to look for, especially if the escaping water is low volume, but hidden.

Under the Slab, Water Line Leaks Can Be Hard to Detect

While new technologies help us save time and repair costs by avoiding cutting into walls to find leaks, the savings is even more substantial when the suspected leak is located in plumbing underneath your foundation. Cutting into the concrete of your basement floor to work on pipes “under the slab” can be a disruptive and costly undertaking, and digging underneath from the side of your foundation is also a major project, especially when done to locate a leak. Once we know where the leak is, we can target our water line repair strategy accordingly, and reduce the concrete cutting or digging required. In some cases, rerouting the pipes as a solution can not only simplify repairs, but prevent additional leaks from arising in the future because of degrading pipe material or damage from shifting soil or foundation issues.

Indoor Water Line Leaks Can Slowly Build Up to Major Damage

You may have heard that a dripping faucet or leaking toilet can add up to over a thousand gallons of waste water each year. If there’s similar dripping or leaking from a pipe in your wall, imagine the water damage that can result, often hidden until the dripping has built up. The water then breaks through with damaged wall material, wet spots, warping wood floors, and mold, insects, or other growth inside the walls causing additional damage. Technology-based water leak detection and water line repair helps save you from major damage inside your home, and if the problem is determined to be aging pipes such as old plastics or zinc erosion on galvanized steel, we’ll probably suggest looking at the pipes throughout your house to see if similar problems are arising elsewhere.

Once You Call, There’s a Lot We Can Do: Leak Detection Has Come a Long Way

Since our advanced leak detection techniques help find problems early and get water line repairs done before the damage spreads, it’s a great idea to call when you think there might be a leak in your water line, whether it’s from signs in your yard that indicate water is escaping into the soil, a higher water bill or constantly spinning water meter, or more subtle clues like moldy or musty smells in walls, the presence of insects in a specific area, or discolored and damaged wall materials. Under your basement, you may hear sounds of water flowing if there are leaks below. If your home is getting older or your pipes are known to be made of materials that don’t age well, ask us about preventive leak detection to listen for the sounds of leaks before they become evident.

Water Line Repair Techniques Have Advanced Significantly

You may have heard of “trenchless” sewer repairs that can help resolve sewer line trouble without digging up the pipe, and less disruptive repairs for the supply pipe crossing your yard are available that are quite similar. It’s quite possible that finding the leak can result in a small amount of digging and repair, rather than water pipe replacement, either by targeted traditional pipe repair methods or by patching or relining the pipe from the inside. These days, we can help you avoid high water bills and building damage with targeted modern water leak solutions.

Your Water Line Repair and General Plumbing Experts in Conway, SC

We’re Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, serving Conway, SC with well-earned expertise and plumbing skills that can help you catch problems early and arrange effective solutions that are reasonably priced and efficient. If you’re concerned that you might need water line repair, give us a call right away and put the experts to work!


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