Gas Appliance Repair Service: 9 Signs That You Need Gas Oven Repair | Myrtle Beach, SC

Gas Appliance Repair Service: 9 Signs That You Need Gas Oven Repair | Myrtle Beach, SC

Gas appliances such as ovens are convenient for various purposes such as cooking. Generally, if you own appliances, you probably are aware of their constant need for either repair, replacement, or maintenance. An oven is a fundamental appliance that needs constant care and attention to guarantee functionality.

Unfortunately, it may not be easy to foresee oven damage for different reasons. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our gas appliance repair service experts can diagnose your oven problems and implement appropriate solutions. Below are common warning signs that you need professional gas appliance service in your Myrtle Beach, SC home.

1. Abnormal Odor

Despite having a chemical that gives gas its odor, natural gas is odorless in its natural state. Typically, your kitchen should be filled with the aroma of baked foods and an array of dishes. Therefore, you should be alert for any foul rotten egg odor coming from your oven.

Any foul odor from your kitchen, particularly your oven, is a major flag. On the one hand, any foul oven odors could result from warped wires, which are at the risk of catching fire. On the other hand, any foul odor could indicate a gas leak.

Gas from your oven is highly flammable. The more gas leaks without professional intervention, the higher you risk an explosion. Additionally, you will also be inhaling gas, which has adverse health impacts. When you detect an unusual odor coming from your oven, turn off the oven and contact a gas appliance repair service contractor.

2. Unexpected Noises

A well-functioning oven shouldn’t make any noise, except for any normal timer functions. Therefore, if you hear any strange buzzing or ticking sounds, this is a sign that something is wrong with your oven, and you need immediate appliance repair service.

Any strange sounds coming from your oven could mean that it has loose or faulty parts needing emergency repair. Failure to attend to loose or faulty oven parts increase the risk of catching fire. At the first strange sound, switch off the oven and contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing gas appliance repair service expert in Myrtle Beach, SC.

3. Electrical Problems

If your gas oven takes unusually long to turn on, this could be an electrical issue. Additionally, if the oven isn’t operating at optimum power, you may need to contact an appliance repair service guy for immediate diagnosis of your oven’s electrical system. Our gas appliance repair contractors are skilled in electrical and mechanical repair work.

Oven electrical problems may be due to broken wire. It could also be due to bad electric current hindering full power from flowing to your oven. A gas oven may trigger an electric shock.

4. Fluctuation in Oven Operating Time

If you are experiencing fluctuations in cooking time, this could also point to a major oven problem. If the oven takes too long to preheat, there is an issue with your gas oven. Chances are the power supply has diminished, or the temperature sensor is faulty.

Modern ovens are designed to preheat rapidly. Therefore, if yours is taking too long to preheat or bake your food, you may have a major oven problem. Suddenly getting undercooked foods with the normal temperatures and time frame you normally cook signifies that you need to call a gas appliance repair service expert swiftly.

5. A Sudden Spike in Your Utility Bill

Are you suddenly getting extremely high utility bills? Appliances use extra energy in water, electricity, or gas when they struggle to operate due to maintenance issues. The result is an unexpected increase in your utility bill. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to determine the underlying cause immediately.

However, before you call a gas appliance repair service expert in the event of a bill spike, confirm with your corresponding utility company. Chances are, the extra charge is justifiable. If not, have a gas appliance repair service guy check out the possible explanation for the rise in utility bills.

6. The Gas Oven Fails to Turn On

If your gas oven suddenly refuses to turn on, this may warrant an immediate gas appliance repair service. However, before calling in an expert, you might as well conduct quick troubleshooting, such as checking to ensure the vents/filters aren’t clogged or you have plugged in the oven.

7. The Oven Door Isn’t Shutting

In most cases, the oven doors won’t work if the hinges are faulty. Failure to close your oven door means that your cook will undercook or completely fail to cook. Fortunately, a gas oven door malfunction is a visible mechanical challenge that is easy to fix. Regardless, we don’t advise any DIY oven repair to avoid further damage or possible injury.

Problems may include broken door springs or hinges. A gas oven repair service expert will quickly diagnose the malfunctioning door and recommend repair or replacement.

8. Faulty Gas Burners

Oven burners tend to cease working at odd hours particularly. A gas oven burner may fail to power up occasionally. Most homeowners neglect to service their gas oven burners, leading to eventual damage.

9. Burnt Food

Perhaps a more prevalent sign of oven damage is burnt food. A well-functioning oven should cook good food in ordinary situations, especially if you follow directions normally. However, if you are getting burnt food even after following the recipe to the latter, you may have a thermostat problem. It could also be a different faulty oven component.

Gas Appliance Repair Service, Myrtle Beach, SC

Are you experiencing any gas appliance damage unexpectedly? At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we provide emergency repairs for any gas appliances in your home. We provide professional gas oven repair services ranging from installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Our gas appliance experts are well trained and experienced in handling all major types and brands of gas appliances. We take care of your appliances at your convenience. We can also recommend the best-quality gas appliance brands depending on your budget and needs.

You can rely on us for 24-hour gas appliance repair services. Call us today for professional gas appliance repairs for your home.


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