Signs That You May Need A Water Heater Replacement | Conway, SC

Signs That You May Need A Water Heater Replacement | Conway, SC

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Imagine your life without a water heater. A life with no hot baths or showers, or always having to heat water to cook or clean with. Not having any option but cold on the washing machine or dishwasher. Hot water is one cornerstone for a good running household. It is imperative for good hygiene and safe food handling. It keeps us healthy.

The key to keeping your home safe and your water hot lies in the proper care of your water heater and knowing when it is time to get a new one. By seeing the signs of an impending breakdown, you can have a water heater replacement before it gets worse. No one wants a serious emergency to arise, especially when all that is needed is to keep a watchful eye out for some easy-to-spot ways to tell that your water heater is failing.

Here are a few signs to look out for that point to the reality that you are going to be needing a water heater replacement soon.

No Hot Water

If you don’t have hot water then it means that your heater is having problems. It could be as simple as a pilot light being out or a tripped circuit breaker, or it could mean that you have reached the end of life for your hot water heater. One is easily fixed but the latter can mean that you are now having to look into water heater replacement due to failure of the system.

Your Water Smells

If you get a glass of water and it smells musty or metallic, then you are seeing apparent signs of a breakdown. Your water heater should always produce clean and odorless water, and when it starts to taste funky, look bad, or smell, then you are going to need to look into a new water heater sooner rather than later.

Your Water Has Stuff In It

Could be mud, could be sand, but your water has sediment floating around in it. While this could mean that you need water heater replacement, you may be able to get by with draining the system to remove the sediment in the bottom, but you’ll need a consult from a plumbing expert to determine which of these options is right for you.

Water Heater Age

If your water heater is over 10 years old or if you don’t even know how long ago it was replaced, you may want to go ahead and get a new water heater. Water heaters are only meant for about 8-12 years of service before they will start to fail. By keeping your fixtures and appliances up to date and replacing before failure, you will keep your entire home running smoothly and help keep potential catastrophic issues at bay.

Your Water Is Brown

Brown water is a sign that you have rust in the pipes and/or in the heater. While this is both unappetizing and unappealing to look at, it also means that your pipes and heater are breaking down. This can lead to problems, leaks, and more. With a qualified plumbing service, your water heater replacement for brown water can go smoothly and get your water back to being clear and tasty in no time at all.

The Heater Is Noisy

If your water heater is starting to make strange sounds like cracks and pops coming from it, it is an indication that you are going to need a new one soon. Noise can signal that there is some interaction going on between heating elements and some mineral buildup inside heater components. Noise is never a good sign so at the first signs, call for a consult to see if you will need a water heater replacement.

Your Water Is Only Warm

While better than none at all, having too low a temperature on your hot water is also a sign that something could be wrong with your water heater. Warm instead of hot water is a sign that your heating element is giving up the ghost. After checking to see that your thermostat is set at 120-140 degrees, if you still have warm water that isn’t hot, it is time to start looking at having a new water heater before it stops working completely.

Water Heater Leaks

If your water heater is leaking, or you notice that there is dampness around the heater, there is a good chance that the inner tank has stopped being functional. Any type of slow leak or drip can soon become a major issue should the tank break, which would cause flooding around where the water heater is situated. This can cause problems for the walls, floors, and other things surrounding the water heater. This can also lead to mold problems in the future. Leaks are never “minor”, so at the first sign of water or dampness, call on someone to come out and check it over. You may need a new water heater to keep your home mold-free in the future.

Water heaters were meant to provide a constant source of hot water at a moment’s notice. It’s something that may seem like a luxury item, but every home depends on them for so many things. If your system isn’t running the way that it should be, don’t take a chance on a small thing becoming a major event. Call on professionals to see if you need a water heater replacement.

Water Heater Replacement in Conway, SC

If you are experiencing any of these signs, or have other distressing indications that you may need water heater replacement or other plumbing repairs, call on the Conway, SC experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. We’ll be there for you!


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