The Most Common Water Heater Problems Homeowners in Little River, SC Face

The Most Common Water Heater Problems Homeowners in Little River, SC Face

Without even giving it a thought, we use hot water for everything from dish washing to showers when our home’s water heater is functioning properly. It is only when our water heater stops working that we start thinking about its health and potential problems. So, what are the potential problems the water heater in your home could suffer? You need to read on to find out.

Why the Need for Water Heater Repair in Little River, SC

One of the most unnoticed installations in a home, a water heater sits quietly in the corner, waiting for attention that doesn’t seem to be coming its way. But, as soon as it health deteriorates, all hell breaks in the home and the water heater becomes the most important thing around. While a problematic water heater can easily be fixed by a plumber in Little River, SC, it is better to have the heater inspected and maintained regularly by the same.

One of the most expensive components in the plumbing system of your home, the water heater can develop problems over time. The good news is that there are professional plumbers in Little River, SC that have the experience and expertise to diagnose and fix this problem almost immediately.  Though, it is better to get your heater inspected and maintained regularly to avoid any problem from occurring.

A water heat is no different to any other mechanical system in the sense that it requires regular maintenance to function optimally. If that doesn’t happen, the heater will start to malfunction. Now, there are several different problems that a water heater can develop including a leaking tank. Generally, a leaking tank cannot be repaired and you may need to get it replaced by a service that performs plumbing in Little River, SC.

Often taken for granted, the water heater is one of the most important parts of your home’s plumbing system. The heater is used almost every day unless you’re in a vacation or the heater is switched off due to some reason. Just like any other mechanical component, a water heater can develop problems. Most of these problems can be solved easily without spending too much. Nonetheless, finding out about the common water heater problems is your own best interest. The most common water heater problems homeowners in Little River, SC face is what we are going to discuss next.

What are the Things Causing Water Heater Repair in Little River, SC?

Typically comprising of a large holding tank, a water heater has a capacity of thirty to sixty gallons. The three main components of the heater include a drain valve, a hot water outlet and a cold-water intake. If you examine your heater in its current state, then there is a good chance of the three components being at least partially visible.

Unlike the aforementioned-components, most of the internal components of the heater are not visible including a metal rod that helps the actual tank’s body to avoid problems by chemically promoting its own corrosion and rust in the water and a dip tube which ensures that only hot water will be used by taking the incoming cold water away from the outlet and to the tank’s bottom. The water heater is likely to develop problems if any of these components deteriorate or get damaged. The good thing is that all problems with the water heater’s components can be fixed by plumbers in Little River, SC. So, what are the common problems with water heaters that homeowners in Little River, SC face? Let’s take a look.

Not Enough Hot Water

Now, there could be several different reasons for this. For instance, in gas powered water heater, blown-out pilot light is the most likely reason for not getting enough hot water when you turn on the hot water faucets. This could be caused by a pilot control valve that develops a fault or a thermocouple with a fault.

Another reason for not getting enough hot water is the thermocouple or another heating component in an electric water heater requiring replacement. For professional plumbers in Little River, SC, performing this replacement job is extremely easy. So, let a trained expert take care of this for you. If it feels you that you never have sufficient hot water in your home, then the problem is likely to be an undersized heater.

If you haven’t had this problem in the past and have only encountered it recently, then you should check the water heater’s dial. This is where the problem could lie. Finally, people with tankless water heaters in Little River, SC should get their heater checked by a professional right away as these heaters almost never run out of hot water.

Building Up of Sediment

One of the bigger problems that a water heater can develop is sediment build up. Not only can this build up reduce the efficiency of the heater, but it can also cause problems with the check valves and circulating pumps. If your heater develops this problem, then you may have to completely drain the tank and flush it out with clean water. Make sure this is done by a professional. Water flushing via the drain valve by a professional on a regular basis can prevent the building up of sediment in your heater and other similar problems.

If you do want the buildup of sediment in your heater to minimize its holding capacity or reduce its efficiency, then get your tank regularly flushed by a service that performs plumbing in Little River, SC.

In addition to the above, there are some other water heater problems such as smelly water, water leakage, low hot water pressure, noises from the heater, and so on. The good news is that you can overcome all these problems by taking help from Benjamin Franklin in Little River, SC.


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