The Signs and Reasons You Need Water Softening | Plumber in Georgetown, SC

The Signs and Reasons You Need Water Softening | Plumber in Georgetown, SC

Regardless of where on planet Earth you live, you need water to survive. A necessity, water is required in homes for drinking purposes and for performing all kinds of chores. For this reason, ensuring that the water we use is safe and does not put your household members or your money at risk. When it comes to water, one of the major problems faced by homeowners in the U.S is hard water.

Water comprising of lead, limestone, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and calcium mineral particles, hard water can be contaminated by sewage waste and other industrial excess depending on where you live. Now, you probably would have heard a lot about hard water if you happen to live in an area prevalent with this problem. You many have even gotten a cold call from plumbers in Georgetown, SC asking if wanted a water softening job performed in your home. But, here is the million-dollar question: how do you determine that you need water softening in your home? Read on to find out.

Do I Need Water Softening in My Home?

Asked yourself that question recently? If you have, then, you, my friend, have come to the right place. There are only two likely scenarios: either you have soft water or hard water in your home. Considering that you are here, it is only right to assume that the former is what you have. However, you should not leave things to assumption. Instead, find out whether you have hard water or soft water in your home by either calling in a professional plumber in Georgetown, SC or using the methods designed specifically for this purpose.

When it comes to the identification of hard water in homes, one of the best ways to do is inspecting the damage rendered to your cutlery, glasses, or dishes by the water in your home.  Generally, hard water particles are abrasive and as a result, cause vapors, stains, and spots in glasses. Also, when you wash you windows with hard water, stains and spots will developed on them even if your properly clean and dry them. While the best way to determine the type of water you have in your home is calling in a service that performs plumbing in Georgetown, SC, there are some ways for you to detect hard water in your home on your own. Here are the top signs you need water softening.

Your Appliances have Scale Buildup

You most likely have hard water if you notice scale buildup on your appliances. In addition to building up on coffee pots and tea kettles, mineral deposits can accumulate within the pipes. When this happen, the plumbing system of your house get clogged so much so that water is unable to pass through the pipes effectively. There are two consequences of this—defective plumbing in Georgetown, SC and building up of scale. Commonly referred to as limescale and comprising of magnesium and calcium bicarbonate, scale is a chalky substance that builds up over time, leaving you with excess hard water in your home. The best way to overcome this problem is calling in a plumber in Georgetown, SC for water softening.

Dry Skin and Hair

You’ve probably never thought about it but hard water is a major reason for your dry skin and hard. Not only that, hard water is a major contributor to hair fall. Too much magnesium and calcium salts in your water can make your hair and skin itchy. Marketers and advertisers will tell you otherwise but shampoos, soaps and lotions are not the solution to this. instead, the solution is calling plumbers in Georgetown, SC to get your water softened.

When you have hard water, the water in your home dries your skin rather than nourishing it. As mentioned earlier, hard water has a variety of mineral deposits and when you use this water, the minerals transfer to your skin. You won’t be able to remove the minerals on your skin with a soap if it is unable to dissolve well in water. Ultimately, you have a residue on your skin that causes irritation and makes your skin feel rough and dry. The same can also happen with your hair. So, if you care about your skin and hair, then get a plumber in Georgetown, SC to perform a water softening job in your home right away.

The aforementioned-things are the top signs that you need water softening in your home. With them discussed, let’s take a quick look at the 2 main reasons to contact plumbers in Georgetown, SC for water softening.

Maintain Your Health

Keeping yourself healthy is probably the biggest reason to have water softening performed in your home. As it contains lots of mineral particles, hard water is not fit for drinking. By performing water softening, you can reduce the mineral content in your water and make it suitable for drinking.

Save Money

This may come as a surprise to you and you may be wondering: how on earth can water softening help me save money. Well, here is the answer. Soft water minimizes the purchase of soaps and agents you require for laundry purposes. On the other hand, the chemicals in detergents and the mineral particles in hard water combine to leave you with a poor wash whether it is clothes or dishes that you are cleaning. So, you use water and detergents to get things as clean as you want them to be. The result of this is more money spent on water, soaps and detergents. So, if you want to save money, get the hard water in your home softened right away by a service that performs plumbing in Georgetown, SC.

There you have it—the signs and reasons you need water softening in Georgetown, SC. If you have decided to get water softening in your home, then the best service for this job is Benjamin Franklin in Georgetown, SC.


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