Causes of Water Line Leaks and a Solution for Water Line Repair in Garden City, SC

Causes of Water Line Leaks and a Solution for Water Line Repair in Garden City, SC

A lion can be tamed, even Dany Targaryen’s dragons; but handling a leak in water line in your house will often prove to be harder. The best thing you can do to tame this ‘leaking lion’ is learn its causes and take the necessary preventive measures along with regular inspections. In this post, we will share a few major causes of leaks in water line which will be followed by practical tips to hire the best service for water line repair in Garden City, SC.

Damaged Seals

At the time of installation of appliances that are connected to water supply, the service provider puts seals around every connector. You can see some of the seals in your kitchen and bathroom fittings. Like appliance, the seals also wear out. If you observe condensation on the appliances or puddle near them, it indicates a damaged seal.

Clogged Drains

A clogged drain may bother a little when it allows water to pass through at a snail’s pace. Take this ‘slowing matter’ seriously and quickly get the drains unclogged. Starting with overflow, this clogging can lead to burst pipes.


Water and metal pipes make the perfect recipe of corrosion. Just leave them for a few years, and you are ready to see the rusty pipes. If you see discoloration or rusty warps on water lines, call a plumber to assess the damage and solution. If you leave this issue unattended, in addition to contact details of a service for water line repair in Garden City, SC, keep a canoe in your house for emergency exit too.

Damaged Pipe Joints

They are the weakest points in a water line and deteriorate over time, which leads to leaks. Unluckily, they aren’t placed at easily visible areas. If you notice unusual sounds frequently such as ticking or banging, it indicates the damaged pipe joints. It usually happens due to pressure more than the pipes can endure.

General Wear-and-Tear

Every installed item in a plumbing system goes through general wear-and-tear, and eventually they expire. Therefore, you must have a regular inspection by a professional service for water line repair in Garden City, SC. The regular inspections will prevent a mishap, and you will always have contact details of a reliable company at hand.

Rodents and Pests

Generally speaking, these invaders aren’t known to damage water lines, but they certainly can. They include rats, moles, gophers, and beavers. They can cause leaks above and under the ground.

Changes in Hydraulic Dynamics

A water line that receives rapid changes in water pressure can fail earlier than you can expect. The worse thing is replacement of parts such as pumps and gauges with the ones that don’t suit the existing system.

There are a few causes you must know. Such information helps you assess if your house is at the risk of water line damage and what you should do next.

What to do next?

Congrats! Half the battle is already won as you have come to know the major causes of water line leaks. Familiarity with these causes is essential, so that you can avoid a bigger mishap in your house. Now to keep your house safe and tidy, you need professional assistance for water line repair in Garden City, SC.

To hire a professional and reliable service for water line repair in Garden City, SC, follow the steps below:

Ask for Experience & Past References

Upon your first contact to the service, you will perhaps start by telling about the job you want for water line repair in Garden City, SC. And the representative may ‘force’ you to set a schedule for visit, but don’t make a hasty deceison. There are a few vital questions you must ask first such as:

  • How long has the service been in industry?
  • Is it a part-time or a full-time service?
  • Has the service dealt with the same issue before?
  • Is the service willing to share past job references?

Ask for Itemized Costing

A satisfactory job for water line repair in Garden City, SC can involve a complex process, new parts and a few different materials for joining and concealing the water lines. The cost also includes labor, which may be charged on per visit or hourly basis. Ask for the total cost showing separate prices to avoid confusion and being overcharged.


Plumbing experts take all the necessary and safety measures before they begin the job. Still ask the company about insurance coverage if water line repair process may cause damage to other things. Go ahead if the company offers insurance coverage.

Official Contract

Signing an official contract on company’s officially printed documents establishes the authenticity and reliability of the company. If it is water main repair, you can’t afford to ignore this. This point also verifies company’s legal compliance.

These are the helpful and realistic ways to search for the best water line repair in Garden City, SC service. To ensure you can find a reliable company, these ways need a valuable investment of your time. Well, we can help you save that ‘valuable investment’ and take you directly to water line repair service you should contact in Garden City, SC. Please, contact Benjamin Franklin for water line repair, and any other plumbing jobs you may have at home to be fixed.

Benjamin Franklin is a renowned company for the services of draining cleaning, whole house repipes, commercial and household repairs, water heater repair, and water line repair in Garden City, SC. Our specialists also let you know the preventive measures and maintenance tips, so that the possible problems may not occur in the first place.

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